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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Even grass has been partial towards this park

This park in Group C of Pragati Apartments has few distinctions. One, it has a fountain. Two, attitude of PARWA EC is partial towards this park. Third, a new found distnction - even grass is partial towards it.

Horticulture departmnt undertook development of three parks in the apartments.

Then trees were planted in the parks except this park.

On April 22, I re-visited the parks.

Area's MLA and Nigam Parshad visited the apartments for planting trees in the park. A function was organized by PARWA EC. Number of trees were planted in other two parks but for this park there was no tree.

Now grass has grown. If you visit the parks you will be surprised to see that in other two parks grass has grown but in this park grass has also not grown. Perhaps grass has also taken a hint from PARWA EC to be partial towards this park.



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