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Friday, May 7, 2010

My election manifesto - public declaration of intent

On April 28, 2010, I posted - Publish your Election Manifesto. My post was expecially addressed to those residents who have decided to file nomination for representing residents in PARWA EC. Today I have filed my own nomination to represent residents in the capacity as President in PARWA EC.

It is said that Charity begins at Home. So, my dear residents, here is my Election Manifesto - Public Declaration Of My Intent :

a) Why do I want to contest?
During my brief stint in PARWA EC, I came across many situations which forced me to think that, somewhere and at some time, in its journey PARWA has distracted from its chosen and mandated path. Long stints by some residents has resulted in formation of groups which most of the time fight amongst themselves to serve their vested personal interests rather than pro-actively working for collective welfare of residents. I am of firm belief that necessary corrections and corrective actions are needed to put PARWA back on its chosen and mandated path. I have been writing about it on this blog. As I did not get any positive response from PARWA EC, I decided to file my nomination for President of PARWA.

b) What are my long-term and short-term programmes relating to welfare of the residents of Pragati Apartments?
I am a man of management systems. I will immediately put appropriate management systems in place to solve many urgent problems in Pragati Apartments. I will organize training programmes for members of PARWA EC and other residents to effectively and efficiently implement these systems. On long term strategy, I aim to make PARWA the first ISO 9001 certified Residents Welfare Association in India.

c) Have I ever served in PARWA EC? If yes, then what have been my achievements?
I have been in PARWA EC as Block Representative for few months. I proposed many systems and procedures which could not be installed and implemented due to resistance from other PARWA EC members. After few months I resigned.

d) If I am elected, then will I work as representative/trustee of the residents or as malik/sarkar of Pragati Apartments?
If residents approve my nomination then I will work as representative/trustee of the residents.

e) Do I believe in transparency in working? If yes, then how do I propose to bring transparency in the working of PARWA EC?
I am a firm believer in transparency in working. One of my present engagements is as an Activist under Right to Information Act. I have passed a Certificate course in RTI organised by Deptt of Personnel & Training, Govt of India. I have a blog INFOPOWER exclusively addressing Right to Information. RTI is all about transparency in working. This blog (PARWA BLOG) is an initiative to bring transparency in PARWA working. I aim to declare the coming year as - YEAR OF TRANSPARENT WORKING.

f) What is my opinion on using PARWA employees for personal work?
PARWA Employees should never be used for personal work.

g) Will I work to ensure that PARWA employees are paid minimum wages and other facilities as per the law of the land? If yes, then how do I propose to go about it?
Yes. PARWA is a responsible welfare association of residents. It has an obligation to work for the welfare of its employees. This can be achieved with full cooperation of residents, and I am sure that they concerned about the welfare of PARWA employees.

h) Do I believe that PARWA EC should work as a team? If yes then how will I ensure to instill team spirit in PARWA EC members?
Yes. I believe PARWA EC should work as a team. Instilling the spirit of team work is an important element of ISO 9001 which I aim to design and implement in PARWA.

i) Am I a member of any group having conflicting interests in PARWA affairs? If no then how will I ensure to remain unaffected by group politics in PARWA?
No. I am not a member of any group. I believe in team work. Teams are needed to achive aims and objectives of any organization like PARWA. Groups work to serve only vested personal interests. PARWA should work as a team and not as a combination of various groups engaged in serving personal interests.

I have declared my intent. Now, my dear residents, it is your turn.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I am sure that you will change PARWA for better. Now I am eagerly waiting for manifesto of other contestants.

C.S.GULATI, Flat No-93 said...

Wish you best of Luck.

Suresh Chnadra Gupta said...

Thanks Mr Gulati.


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