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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks outgoing EC, Welcome new EC

Outgoing EC has done a good job by providing a booklet containing latest telephone numbers of all residents and PARWA Bye-Laws. Thanks for all that outgoing EC did for residents of Pragati Apartments.

New EC will shortly take over. Positions of some block representatives are still vacant. If new EC is going to nominate these representatives then I will like to put up a note of caution. Do not nominate people convenient to you and your group. Nominate people who can make a positive contribution and act as true representative of the residents of their respective blocks.

A representative of tenants has also to be nominated. Similar caution as for block representatives. Form the new directory, I find that there are 41 tenants. This is a big number. EC should organize a meeting of all these tenants and find out their choice and nominate their choice as their representative. Such a tenant can make a positive contribution and act as true representative of the tenants.

New EC should declare the coming year as YEAR OF TRANSPARENCY IN WORKING. Information should be freely and widely disseminated.

EC should identify its focus areas, priotize them, and make action plan for each focus area with details of resources needed, monitoring mechanism and clearly defining responsibilities and target dates.

EC should prepare a feedback form which should be filled up by each PARWA member. This form should ask for feedback on various issues being taken up by EC and which should be taken up by EC, on services prvided by various vendors authorized by EC, and the perception of residents about the quality of service being provided by EC on continuous basis.

A "GOOD NEIGHBOUR" contest should be organized by PARWA EC.

A "CHILDRENS' MARCH" should be organized to focus attention on issues like "SAVE WATER & POWER", "CLEANLINESS", and "PRESERVATION OF PARKS".


Senior member said...

New PARWA EC should start its innings with some new initiatives. If it works on these suggestions given by Mr Gupta it will give a new image to PARWA EC.


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