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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enhancing satisfaction of PARWA Customers

A systematically managed organization is a customer focussed organization. PARWA should be developed into such a systematically managed organization. Basically PARWA is a residents welfare association. Residents of Pragati Apartments are PARWA customers. Every activity of PARWA should be focussed on its customers meaning residents of Pragati Apartments.

Residents of Pragati Apartments are in the process of electing its representative body, PARWA. As I have said earlier, this election should be used as a change agent. This should be a vote for change, and the change should be for better.

First change - PARWA should work as a team and not as a mixture of groups having different loyalties.
Second change - Every activity of PARWA should be focussed on its customers, the residents.
Third change - A documented system of obtaining feedback from residents should be introduced. This feedback should be analyzed to determine focus areas.
Fourth change - Awareness training programmes should be organized for PARWA employees about their duties and responsibilities.
Fifth change - An effective and efficient communication system should be designed and put in place to avoid any misunderstanding between various stakeholders.
Sixth change - The most important change. The working of PARWA should be 100% transparent. All information should be appropriately disseminated. Residents should be encouraged to access information on a regular basis.

These are some changes which should be immediately introduced in PARWA working. If PARWA members approve my nomination then these will be my first priority.

Dear residents, let us join hands


C.S.GULATI, Flat No-93 said...

Although your ideas are great yet are they practicable in our apartments ?

Suresh Chnadra Gupta said...

Thanks Mr Gulati for your comments. Let us put these ideas in practice.


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