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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PARWA EC election process vitiated

Sorry friends, I have no information on who have filed nomination on second day. The Chief Election Officer (CEO) has blocked the information saying that election process is secret. I do not know from where he got the authority for declaring election process secret, but he has done it. It is not in PARWA Bye-laws. It is not in the circular issued by PARWA EC. It is not in the circular issued by he himself. As far as I know he has no authority to do so, but I do not want to enter in to any arguments. It is unfortunate that election process has been vitiated.

One thing is not clear. If the election process is secret then has CEO been administered the oath of secrecy by some authority in PARWA? Also has CEO himself administered the oath of secrecy to Dr B S Rao, Dr V P Aggarwal and Shri T D Soni who have agreed to assist CEO in the smooth conduct of elections? PARWA EC and also CEO has not yet defined the areas/activities in which these people will assist him. Also how CEO will ensure that there are no selective leaks to favour some residents? The moment transparency goes, doubts arise.

Election is a gala event in the apartments. It should be used as a change agent. I have plaaned to post daily progress on this blog for information of the residents and also those who are in other places but are interested in knowing what happens in Pragati Apartments. I had fixed up my programme to ensure that I am available in the apartments during 7 PM to 830 PM between 4 to 7 may 2010. I had also planned to post photos of the residents filing their nomination. But CEO had other plans. He wants to conduct elections under a cover of secrecy.

When Indian citizens have been given Right to Information under RTI Act, the CEO nominated for conducting PARWA EC Elections has taken away residents' right to information relating to PARWA EC election process. He has taken a wrong decision. I tried to reason with him but he was not ready to listen.

So friends, you will have to find other means to know what is happening on the election front. I am feeling uneasy that there is something wrong and that the election process is being compromosed to favour some residents.

Preparing list of eligble voters is another area where every thing is not OK. It was to be displayed by 03 May 2010 by PARWA EC but has not been displayed yet. In absence of this information, how CEO will decide that residents who have proposed and seconded a nomination, and the contestents who have accepted the nomination are meeting the eligibility requirements?



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