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Saturday, December 17, 2011

PARWA EC selling/renting land owned by Govt.

It is now official that PARWA has no authority to charge parking fee from residents. It is unfortunate that instead of stopping this illegal charging of parking fee, PARA EC is devising different means to continue with this illegal fund collection. It is funny that EC members and some GB members think that a GB decision can overrule the law of the land.

See what has been recorded in minutes of GB meeting held on 20.11.11:
Decision recorded at S. No. 2 - "The contribution of amount for the additional slot for the vehicles as maintenance and security charges should be continued for the welfare of the residents."
Decision recorded at S. No. 3 - "Data base for the parking slots for all the vehicles of the residents should be made available in the PARWA office."
Decision recorded at S. No. 4 - "If the vehicle for which paid slot is allotted for parking is sold, it should be surrendered to the association within 15 days for the benefit of the others."

The common land inside the apartments is not owned by PARWA. I wonder under what ownership rights PARWA can sell this land or give it on rent in the form of parking slots to residents? PARWA can not hide behind using terms such as, "maintenance and security charges". It is nothing but illegally charging parking fee. In MCD authorized parking lots also, people pay parking fee for security of their vehicle and maintenance of the parking lot including salary of personnel manning the parking lot. Here PARWA is not providing any of these services and simply charging Rs. 1500 per vehicle inside the apartments.  The land outside the apartments has also been encroached by PARWA and PARWA is charging Rs. 600 per vehicle. PARWA does not do any maintenance of parking slots. It has not employed any additional security staff. How can it say that amount paid by car owners is for maintenance and security services?

Sometimes I feel that all this is the conspiracy by those residents who do not own a car or own only one car.  They pay only monthly subscription but enjoy all benefits for which those residents are forced to pay who own two, three or four cars. To give benefit to these residents, PARWA as a body is indulging in illegal collection of funds and committing violation of the law.

I have been trying for long to reason with EC members but they refuse to see the logic of my arguments. Instead they have painted me as a negative person in the eyes of the residents. They have also issued a circular to defame me.

Now the time has come to make formal complaint to MCD and other concerned authorities.  PARWA EC will only be responsible for any consequences. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Payment of minimum wages to PARWA employees

PARWA presently has employed following persons: 
One Supervisor, eight Security Guards, two gardners, two sweepers - Total 12 employees. 

These employees are not paid minimum wages and are not given other facilities required by law. Their employment in PARWA is totally unregulated. They are not given appointment letter detailing their duties and other terms & conditions of their employment. 

No ESI and PF facilities are provided to these employees. 

PARWA is a welfare society.It is expected of it to look after the welfare of its employees.  

Fire safety in PARWA Office and Manoranjan Kaksh

Every time I enter in PARWA Office and Manoranjan Kaksh, lack of fire safety measures strike me. Seating arrangement in PARWA Office is such that in case of fire it will be very difficult for people sitting there to get out in time. At a time, especially during EC meetings, more than 10 people sit there. The office has only one door and that too of small width. In case of emergency it will be very difficult for people to exit from this door. 

Same is the situation in Mnaoranjan Kaksh. During kirtan large number of ladies sit there. 

PARWA EC should discuss this issue and install proper fire safety measures. It may also consider changing seating arrangement. Advice of fire expert can be taken. 

It should also conduct fire drill to see if people sitting inside are able to come out of office in time. Some security guards should also be trained in fire fighting and first aid. 

PARWA EC Members misbehaving with residents

In GB meeting held on 20.11.11, a suggestion was given that residents should cooperate with each other and EC members to avoid conflict. A welcome suggestion indeed, but an incomplete suggestion. It should also have included that EC members should cooperate with residents to avoid conflicts.  It is sad that no decision was taken on this suggestion.

Behaviour of some EC members is not good. I had a taste of it when I noticed electricity theft during Diwali Mela. I brouught it to the notice of President and secretary and requested them to stop it and instead use DG set parked outside Central Park. After some time President and a member Mr Vats came to me and started shouting. They also threatened me with dire consequences. They left saying that they will do what they like and no body can stop them. It was good that right sense prevailed and illegal connection to feeder box was disconnected and power was taken during mela from DG set.

Second time it was Mr Vats who not only misbehaved but abused and threatened me of violance in front of many members sitting in Manoranjan Kaksh (for collection of donation for Bhagwati Chowki). Mr Vats had earlier circulated a letter addressed to residents defaming me (Click to read). I had objected to it and had served a notice on Mr Vats to withdraw the letter and tender a public aploogy.  A copy of this notice was also served on other members of EC as they were a party to the circulation of letter defaming me.

I am yet to receive reply to my notice. I now intend to serve a legal notice on these people through a lawyer. It is necessary that EC members should stop misbehaving and defaming those residents who are not in their group.

I have posted this complaint on PARWA website also.

Copy of notice -

"Ref: SCG/PARWA/JV/2011                                                               Date 18 November 2011

Shri Jai Vats, Member EC
Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110063

Shri R K Chadha, President
Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi - 110063

I am a senior citizen and resident of Pragati Apartments Flat No. 315. I am also a member of Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association (PARWA – Regn. No. 28337). I have paid my PARWA subscription up to June 2012 for which a receipt has been issued by PARWA (No. E2770 dated 19.07.2011).
01. On 10.09.2011, a circular addressed to all the residents of Pragati Apartments, was issued by Shri Jai Vats, PARWA EC member, with mala fide and ulterior motives, in which altogether false, baseless and highly defamatory allegations have been made against me.   
02. It is alleged in the circular – “श्री सुरेश चंद्र गुप्ता जी फ्लेट न. 315 ने दिल्ली नगर निगम को अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से शिकायत की है कि पार्वा अनुचित तरीके से (विज्ञापन बोर्डों द्वारा भी) से पैसा इकठ्ठा कर रही है और धमकी दी है कि वह पुलिस में इस की शिकायत करेंगे. पार्वा कार्यकारिणी के सदस्यों को बार-बार धमकियाँ दी जा रही हैं क्योंकि श्री गुप्ता जी ने इस फंड में कोई भी सहायता नहीं की है और ना ही बिजली स्टेयर केस फंड में पैसे जमा करवाए हैं. जब इन से फंड में पैसे जमा करवाने की प्रार्थना की जाती है और उन्हें डिफाल्टर घोषित किया गया है. इसलिए यह अधिकारियों को धमकियां देते हैं.
03. The allegations made by Shri Vats in the circular besides being false and baseless, are most reprehensible to achieve illegal and nefarious intentions to tarnish my good name, reputation and goodwill for no rhyme or reason.  Shri Vats have used the name of “PARWA”, and other terms, such as, “पार्वा अधिकारी, पार्वा कार्यकारिणी के सदस्यों, in this circular containing such defamatory statements against me, giving an impression to residents that this circular has been issued with full knowledge and approval of PARWA EC, and has been issued as per decision taken by PARWA EC in one of its meeting.   
04. Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA  EC have thus, by words intended to be read, made or published imputations concerning me in the above said circular, intending to harm, or knowingly or having reason to believe that such imputations will harm my good name and reputation. The said imputations, directly or indirectly, in the estimation of residents, lowers my good name and reputation.
05.  Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC have thus committed the offence of defamation as defined in Section 499 of the Indian Penal Code, punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or both. I hereby call upon Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC to withdraw above said circular and tender an unconditional apology in the form of a similar circular addressed to all the residents of Pragati Apartments, within a fortnight of the receipt of this notice, failing which I will have no option but to take appropriate legal action including claim for damages to be computed. In such eventuality, Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC shall solely be liable for the cost, risk and consequences thereof.
06. Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC are informed accordingly.
(S C Gupta), Flat No. 315, Pragati Apartments"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who supervised repair of main gate?

Main gate of Pragati Apartments had been damaged by a concrete mixer. It has now been repaired. I wonder who supervised the repair. Advertisement board is tilted to one side and is not vertical. It hurts finer human sensibilities. 


Click on the images. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DO's & DON'T's - New Telephone Directory

In new telephone directory, Do's and Dont's for PARWA members have been printed. On 27.10.2011, I posted Do's and Don'ts for EC members on Society Website, but the same were not printed in this directory. Read them:

"Code of Ethics for EC members
I propose a Code of Ethics for PARWA EC members:


a) Every EC member shall work for the welfare of the residents of Pragati Apartments.
b) Every EC member shall work with honesty, integrity, sincerity, team spirit and complete devotion to fulfil the aspirations of residents of Pragati Apartments.
c) Every EC member shll ensure that residents money is spent with care and not wasted in unproductive expenditure, such as conveyence and refreshments.
d) Every EC member shall ensure transparency in day-to-day working.
e) Every EC member shall ensure that inquiries/suggestions/complaints received from members are promptly replied and acted upon.
f) Every EC member shall ensure that every single decision is appropriately recorded and information disseminated to members.
g) Every EC member shall ensure that roles and responsibilities of each EC member are displayed in office and disseminated to members.
h) Every EC member shall display in the office the timings when he will be available in the office so that members can visit the office and meet him for any work.


a) No EC member shall indulge in any illegal, immoral and unethical activity.
b) No EC member shall take any action which is in violation of PARWA Bye-laws.
c) No EC member shall promote the interests of individual members and groups and their decisions shall not be influenced by personal vested interests of any individual or group.
d) No EC member shall use PARWA employees, security guards, malis, sweepers, for their personal work.
e) No EC member shall take illegal favours from the vendors by taking their products and srvices free of charge, such as, plumber, electrician, cable guy, internet service provider, vegetable/fruit sellers etc.
f) No EC member shall take commission in cash or kind while granting permission to advertisers and outside agencies who want to display/sell their product/services in the apartments.
g) No EC member shall take commission in cash or kind for granting contract to service providers for holding PARWA functions in the apartments.
h) No EC member will be party to theft of electricity during PARWA functions, such as, Diwali Mela.
i) No EC member shall use PARWA office for doing any work other than official work and attending EC meetings.

These are some Do's and Dont's which I could think of prsently. Any sugestions are welcome."

Minutes of GBM 20.11.11

I could not attend this GBM as I went to Lucknow to attend a marriage in the family. I came to know what transpired at the meeting through recorded minutes of the meeting. As before Shri Malik has recorded the minutes in a manner which raises many doubts about the accuracy of recording. As per some members who attended the meeting, some decision have not been recorded.

I want to discuss following decision:
"On the basis of complaint lodged by Sh. S. C. Gupta R/O Flat no. 315, the process of election was discussed in detail whereas Sh. Gupta did not attend the GBM.  It was informed to the house that the nomination of Sh. Gupta was rejected due to non payments of PARWA dues and GBM has agreed to. It was unanimously decided that the election conducted was in order as per the provisions of Bye-Laws. The present EC, should continue to do improvement works for the welfare of the residents."

My comments:
"the process of election was discussed in detail", but no details are recorded in the minutes.
It is not clear from the minutes whether my complaint was circulated to members present in the meeting.  If it was not circulated then how members discussed in detail about the election process in view of my objections raised in the complaint?
How it was unanimously decided that the election conducted was in order as per the provisions of Bye-Laws when no member present was informed about the violation of the Bye-Laws raised in my complaint?
Why it was informed to the house that the my nomination was rejected due to non payments of PARWA dues and GBM has agreed to, when this issue was not raised in my complaint.

It is clear that PARWA EC has again played dirty and GB members present in the meeting were wrongly informed, they were not given full information, irrelevant issues were raised, to secure a favourable decision from GB.

I have asked EC to provide me a list of members who attended this GB meeting. I intend to write to them about this and get their views as to how they took the decision as recorded in the minutes without reading my complaint and without hearing my views? What has happened is simply undemocratic. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

RWA and encroachments on roads

Click on the image and read the news item which appeared in TOI of date.

Delhi High Court has made MCD and Traffic Police officials accountable to local RWA for removing encroachments from roads. Order says that the President and Secretary of the RWA shall also be called for the meetings, to be held at last once a month, between MCD and Delhi Police officers.

PARWA President and Secretary should immediately bring to the notice of MCD and Delhi Police the encroachments around Pragati Apartments and pursue for their removal. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Surrender of LPG connection by PNG connection holders

Shri Gulati, a resident of Pragati Apartments, has obtained information under RTI Act relating to surrender of LPG connection  by PNG connection holders. Click on the images to read the reply received from IOCL. Similar procedure will be followed by holder of LPG connections of other gas companies.

Details of the procedure to be followed by you are given in answer to Question No. 3.


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