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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Steamrolling the Election Process by Election Officer

In my last post I have uploaded two letters written to election Officer, Dr V P Aggarwal bringing certain issues to his notice and requested his comments on those issues (my letter dated 26.11.2011). As he has rejected my nomination for the post of President, PARWA, I had requested him to inform me the basis on which he has rejected my nomination and the documents on which he has based his decision. The second letter was delivered to him personally at 0745 PM on 27.04.2011. His reply to my letter was delivered to me by a security guard at 0910 AM on 28.04.2011.

You can read his reply by clicking on the image. You will note that he has taken only 45 minutes to reply to my letter. This shows his insincerity and lack of respect for PARWA Bye-Laws and a member of PARWA. He has earlier told me and some other members of PARWA that he has not read the Bye-Laws. Now he simply gives reference to a Bye-Law and says that all my charges are strongly denied and disposed off.

Now let us see what is Bye-Law No. 5? This Bye-Law is about Cessation, Appeal and Re-admission of PRAWA Membership. It no where says anything about rejection of the nomination of S C Gupta for the post of President PARWA. In fact Election to PARWA EC is governed by the provisions in Bye-Law 8.4.

I am surprised at this offensive and illegal attitude of Dr V P Aggarwal, who has been appointed as Election Officer by outgoing PARWA EC to conduct a free, fair and just election. He has taken a wrong decision to reject my nomination. He is duty bound to inform me the exact reason(s) of the rejection. He did not inform me about it before releasing the list of contestents whose nominations have been accepted by him. I could have given suitable explanations to his objections to my nomination. Now also he is not providing me any details of the reasons of rejecting my nomination. This is nothing but a dictatotial attitude and a wilful denial of free, fair and just election process. He seems to be having a hurt ego. He is trying to steamroll the election process and forcing me to accept his unjust illegal decision to reject my nomination. He has become a liability on the free, fair and just election process of PARWA EC. PARWA EC should immediately re-consider its decision appointing him as Election Officer. He has failed to conduct the election in a free, fair and just manner.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Election Officer vitiates election process

Read my two letters written to Election Officer:

To, 26 April 2011

Dr V P Aggarwal
Election Officer, PARWA EC Election 2011
Pragati Apartments, New Delhi – 110063

Dear Sir,

Through this letter I wish to bring to your notice some disturbing developments in the process of Election of PARWA EC for the term 2011- 2012.

1. As per PARWA Bye-Law 8.4, the EC or GB will appoint an Election Officer from apartment owners. Further, the Election Officer can take help of any of the GB members/s for conducting the election. The circular issued by you on 10.04.11 has been signed as Chief Election Officer. I am of the view that the designation as given in PARWA Bye-Laws should have been used. A different designation may be termed as violation of the relevant Bye-Laws.
2. Copy of the above circular has been marked to the President and General Secretary of PARWA to display duly signed and certified list of eligible members of PARWA by 20th April 2011. This list has not been displayed so far.
3. You have taken help of Shri S P Suri and Shri T D Soni for conducting the election. While this is in accordance with provisions of Bye-Laws, designating them as Election Officer is in violation of Bye-Laws as Bye-Laws do not permit a multi-member body to conduct election. Also these residents do not have any official role in the election process and can not sign any official papers.
4. A resident, who has submitted his nomination paper, has informed me that when he went to your office on 24.04.11 at 0745 PM, he found number of people sitting with you in a meeting and also a party was on. Notable amongst them are Mr Chadha and Mr Malik, outgoing President and General Secretary of PARWA. This is clearly illegal and unethical.
5. The time slot of 0700 – 0800 PM has been reserved by you for receiving nomination papers. Allowing other contestants and their supporters to sit with you during this period and having a meeting with them puts a big question mark on the impartiality of election process. Election Officer is an independent functionary and such interactions with outgoing President and General Secretary will naturally be viewed with suspicion that you are siding with them and disclosing the names of other contestants to them for possible exploitation an vitiating the election process..

I will request you to take necessary action on the above points to ensure that election process remains totally impartial. I also request you to offer your comments on above points.

(S C Gupta)
Member of PARWA GB
Flat No. 315, Mob - 9810073862


To, 27 April 2011

Dr V P Aggarwal
Election Officer, PARWA EC Election 2011
Pragati Apartments, New Delhi – 110063

Dear Sir,

In accordance with your circular dated 10.04.2011, I have submitted my nomination for the post of President in PARWA EC on 24.04.2011. On 26.04.2011, you have issued a circular after 0800 PM containing the list of names of candidates whose nominations have been accepted by you. I was surprised that the list did not contain my name.

If my nomination has not been accepted by you then it should have been mentioned in the circular along with the reasons for not accepting the nomination. You have also not informed me about this in any separate communication to me. Please inform me without any more delay the reasons for rejecting my nomination along with copies of any documents based on which you have taken the decision to reject my nomination.

My letter dated 26.04.2011 delivered to you in the morning has not been replied by you so far. I had expressed my doubts on the impartiality of election process being conducted by you. As per your circular dated 10.04.2011, list of eligible members to contest and vote was to be displayed by 20.04.2011 but has not been displayed so far. You have not ensured display of the list by outgoing President of PARWA by 20.04.2011. You have failed in your duty to conduct the election in a fair and just manner.

With above rejection of my nomination, I am convinced that you have conspired with outgoing President of PARWA to elect him unopposed by rejecting my nomination.

I will request you to immediately reply my two letters.

(S C Gupta)
Member of PARWA GB
Contestant for the post of President
Flat No. 315, Mob - 9810073862

Corruption in PARWA EC Election 2011

Normally people think that corruption is giving or accepting money or any other favour for doing or getting such work done which is not permissible under law. This is a misconception. Corruption has many forms. Misuse of official position to favour self or harming others is corruption. Conspire to violate law to achieve a set objective is corruption. Withholding information to put self to advantage and others to disadvantage is corruption. The list is very long. What has transpired in PARWA EC Election 2011 is one or more of these forms of corruption.

Outgoing President misused his position to install himself as President for yet another term. As larger public opinion is against his continuation and wanted a CHANGE in the EC, he misused his position to ensure his re-election by not displaying the list of eligible / ineligible PARWA members for contesting and voting in the election. As per Election Officer's circular he was required to display the list on 20th April 2011. The list had not yet been displayed (27th April 2011). He had the nformation and made it sure that other contestents do not have it. He exploited it to his advantage and conspired with Election Officer in getting the nomination of one PARWA member (S C GUPTA) rejected, to prevent him to contest for the post of President, so that he himself is elected unopposed.

The last date for filing nominations was 24th April 2011. If the list was displayed on 20th April 2011, any member who was not eligible but wanted to contest, could have known about his ineligibility and could have taken necessary action to become eligible. Afterall the purpose of displaying the list is to ensure that all residents participate in the election. The purpose can not be to prevent some residents from contesting the election. But the outgoing President misused his official position to ensure that a willing resident is prevented from contesting for the post of President, so that he himself is elected unopposed.

The outgoing President has indulged in corruption by misusing his official position to get himself elected upopposed. He had vitiated the election process. He had put a big question mark on the impartiality of election process.

In the interest of justice and fairplay, the election process should be immediately suspended, and the issue of corruption relating to misuse of official position by the outgoing President should be discussed in the Genral Body meeting scheduled for 1st May 2011.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

प्रगति के कलाकार - गोपाल शरण शर्मा

श्री गोपाल शरण शर्मा प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स के ऐसे निवासी हैं जो फ्लेट आबंटन के बाद सबसे पहले अपने फ्लेट नंबर १७५ में शिफ्ट हुए थे, १९ मई १९९२ को. उस समय बहुत से फ्लेट्स बन रहे थे, विजली और पानी का कोई इंतजाम नहीं था, बाउंड्री वाल तो थी पर कोई गेट नहीं था. रात में चमगादड़ें उडती थीं. सब तरफ अँधेरा रहता था. यह बाकई हिम्मत का काम था. शर्मा जी के परिवार में उनकी पत्नी और ३ छोटे बच्चे थे. पीने का पानी सामने पश्चिम पुरी से लाते थे. अन्य कामों के लिए नीचे बने एक टेंक से पानी ऊपर अपने टेंक में पम्प करते थे. परेशानियाँ बहुत थीं, पर शर्मा जी के शब्दों में यह सब बहुत रोमांचक था.

धीरे-धीरे और आवंटिती भी अपने फ्लेट्स में शिफ्ट होने लगे. गेट बने, विजली एवं पानी के कनेक्शन मिले, फ्लेट बनने का काम पूरा हुआ, सड़कें बनी, पार्क बने, जिंदगी धीरे-धीरे सामान्य होने लगी. कालोनी का नामकरण हुआ - प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स. रेसिडेंट्स वेलफेयर असोसिएशन बनी. शर्मा जी ८ वर्ष पार्वा के अध्यक्ष रहे. आज प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स जिस हॉल में है, उस में शर्मा जी का महत्वपूर्ण योगदान है.

शर्मा जी वर्ष २००९ में भारतीय रेल से सेवा मुक्त हुए. शर्मा जी एक मिलनसार व्यक्तित्व हैं. उन्हें गाने का शौक है. आज हम आपको उनके द्वारा गाये गए कुछ गाने सुनवाते हैं.


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