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Monday, May 24, 2010

Grievances of Group ‘C’ residents

Residents of Group ‘C’ flats have always felt some step-motherly treatment from PARWA EC. They have many grievances but these are not addressed and solved in a pro-active manner. New EC should consider these grievances and take appropriate actions. Some of the grievances are:

  1. Work on allotment of a parking slot for each flat in Group ‘C’ should be completed urgently.
  2. Scheme of allotment of second slot for second car on payment basis should not be made applicable to Group ‘C’. There is enough space in Group ‘C’ for parking of second car owned by residents of Group ‘C’ flats and there is no need of allotment of additional slot for second car by charging monry for that.
  3. Cars owned by residents of Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ flats should not be parked in Group ‘C’ space.
  4. Parking space problem in Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ should be solved by using space available there and outside main gate on covered drain. This problem should not be exported to Group ‘C’.
  5. Fountain in the Group ‘C’ park should be immediately repaired and put in operation.
  6. Boundary wall towards Paschim Puri side should be raised with barbed wire put on the top.
  7. One security guard should be put on duty in the night exclusively for Group ‘C’.
  8. Side gate near Gate No. 2 should be opened between 6 to 8 PM.
  9. Some permanent solution should be found to stop over flowing of water from drain running by the side of Yoga Park.
  10. Caretaker / Manager of Community hall should be approached for ensuring that volume during functions is kept low.
  11. The issue of burning bio-medical waste in the back yard of ESI dispensary should be taken up with concerned authorities. It is a serious health hazard for resident living in group ‘C’ flats.


Anonymous said...

A ggod initiative Mr Gupta. Group C has two block representatives. These representatives should jointly work for addressing these grievances. No more step-motherly treatment for Group C.

Anonymous said...

Where are our Block Represntatives? Come dear representatives and represent us.

Member said...

I do not want to be unnecessarily harsh but successive ECs have been partial to Group C. Guptaji has raised genuine demands of Group C residents. EC should take immediate steps to show that they do not discriminate in their approach towards three groups.


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