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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A disturbing event

Today I went to PARWA office for getting a copy of the updated list of elegible voters but it was not available. I requested Secretary to provide me a copy of the list.

While I was there some residents started arriving. I got an impression that they have assembled there for some specific purpose. On inquiry I found that they have assembled there to thwart the election process and to select the next PARWA Team from amongst themselves.

This is a disturbing trend. A group of few residents enter in to an unholy alliance to capture PARWA EC and serve their personal vested interests with impunity. Majority of residents are totally unaware of this conspiracy. These people are there in EC for ages. They have developed their personal interests in being in EC all the time. There being in EC for long time has also resulted in a ego that without them the association can not function.

Another wrong thing with this meeting is that it has been organized in PARWA office. This is a clear misuse of position by existing office bearers. If they wanted to have such a meeting they could have hold it elsewhere. I will not be surprised if they use PARWA funds for taking refreshments in the meeting.

I once again request these old timers to retire. Rather than working to install themselves yet again in the EC they should work to motivate new people to come in EC and give it a new direction. Their experience will always be available to the new team.


Anonymous said...

It is really disturbing.


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