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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Message for President/Gen Secretary PARWA

Mr. Ajit Sharma, a resident of Flat No. 68 has sent following e-mail to this blog about the blockge of staircase by flowerpots put by other residents, thereby creating a hazard which may result in some accident:

"Dear Mr. Chadda/Mr. Malik,
I wish to invite you to my house flat 68 and see for yourself the condition of our staircase where a 1/2flowerpots are kept on every stairs blocking the way to go up to the terrace by resident of flat 64.It not only blocks the way but is a security hazard as one can trip down and cause a n accident.further it causes regular flow of mud /dirt/water into our house.
I would request you to kindly intervene in the matter and ask the resident of flat 64 to kindly pursue his hobby of gardening on his terrace and clear the path to the terrace of any items immediately as its th right of every resident to go up the stairs unhindered.and dirtfree.Due to excessive us of water in the stairs in watering and cleaning there is a seepage in our room and damage to our wooden almirah as already been done which can be seen by you.
I look forward to your kind intervention and immediate action in this regards.
ajit sharma"

I have forwarded the mail to President PARWA for necessary action.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

PARWA Bye-laws violated in recently concluded election

A resident has sent me an e-mail on the above subject. He has said that I can post his message on this blog but should not disclose his name. Here is the message:

Dear Mr. Gupta
In recently concluded PARWA elections many provisions of PARWA Bye-laws have been violated. It is a serious matter. PARWA is being managed by an Executive Committee which has many members who have not been elected as per Bye-laws. Even Mr. Chadha has been declared elected as President PARWA in violation of Bye-laws.

As per the circular issued by Election Officer after date of withdrawal of nominations was over, voting was to be held for the post of President between you and Mr. Chadha. But the Election Officer cancelled the voting. I am not able to understand under which provision of Bye-laws he has cancelled the voting. You may have arrived at some understanding with Mr. Chadha and withdrawn yourself from election in favour of Mr. Chadha but the fact is that it can not be a ground for canceling the voting. Voting had to be there. There is no provision in Bye-laws which sanctions such decision of the Election Officer. I am afraid that the election of President PARWA is not having any legal sanction and Mr. Chadha is working as President PARWA in violation of PARWA Bye-laws.

As per Clause 8.4 (a) of Bye-laws, EC or GB appoints an Election Officer. However the practice of EC appointing additional members to assist him is not allowed in Bye-laws. As per Clause 8.4 (c) of Bye-laws, the Election Officer can take help of any of the GB members for conducting the election. In view of this clause, appointment of additional members by EC to assist Election Officer is in violation of Bye-laws. Incidentally these members have played a role which had impacted on the decisions of the Election Officer. This puts such decisions of Election Officer in violation of Bye-laws.

As per the result of election announced by the Election Officer, some posts of Block Representatives (BR) were vacant as no nominations were received. These vacancies were filled up later when EC nominated some GB members as BR. Here again there is no provision in Bye-laws which gives authority to EC to fill up vacant positions of BR by nomination. As I understand, the election process was not over. Election Officer should have again called for nominations for vacant posts and conducted the election. This has not happened. Those BR who have been nominated by EC are working in violation of Bye-laws.

Another point which I want to make here is of both ethics and legality. I have no document with me based on which I am making this observation. But from the information I have received what has happened is unethical and probably illegal also. As per the information, your nomination for the post of President was proposed or seconded by Mr. O N Sharma. After this, Mr. O N Sharma filed his own nomination for the post of President. Is it not unethical? Also why the Election officer did not point it out and rejected your or Mr. Sharma’s nomination for the post of president. This I leave to you and the election officer to ponder upon.

I have taken the liberty of sending this e-mail to you as I know that you are a person who is not averse to criticism and will accept his mistakes and correct them. I respect you for this.

You may put this mail on your blog but please do not disclose my name. The other people mentioned in the mail may not take it kindly and I do not want any tension. I thought that as a responsible member of PARWA I should bring my observations to your notice.

With regards


Friends, I have thanked him for his observations. I have posted these observations on this blog as I feel that PARWA should discuss these issues and take appropriate action. I am not a legal person but a legal friend advised me that we can not go back into time and correct the mistakes. The right course will be to hold fresh election for the post of President and vacant posts of BR.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is PARWA EC a truly representative body of residents?

After the results of PARWA EC election were announced by CEO, I had posted the following observation in a post (CLICK TO READ):
"Positions of some block representatives are still vacant. If new EC is going to nominate these representatives then I will like to put up a note of caution. Do not nominate people convenient to you and your group. Nominate people who can make a positive contribution and act as true representative of the residents of their respective blocks.
A representative of tenants has also to be nominated. Similar caution as for block representatives. Form the new directory, I find that there are 41 tenants. This is a big number. EC should organize a meeting of all these tenants and find out their choice and nominate their choice as their representative. Such a tenant can make a positive contribution and act as true representative of the tenants.

Above vacancies have been filled up by EC. It is unfortunate that President, Secretary and other members of EC have failed to change the old practice of nominating representatives without consulting the respective group of residents.

Minutes of new EC meetings held so far have not been shared with residents. Here also the old practice of convenience should change. Residents have a right to know what their representative body is doing, so that they can express their views on the decisions taken by EC. Waiting for six monthly GB meeting to express their views is undesirable. Six months period is quite a long period. If any wrong decision has been taken by EC then six months will be wasted before a correction is made.

There should be a proper work distribution between members of EC and this should be notified.

Blocks and tenants representatives should hold meetings with the residents whom they represent and prepare a list of issues residents want them to address in EC.

I am shortly writing to my block representative. I will also write to the other block representative of 'C' group.

Let us make this EC a true representative of residents of Pragati Apartments.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do residents of Pragati Apartments really need a welfare association?

When I registered a flat with DDA I was told that I have to deposit Rs. 100 as share money for being a member of a welfare association which will be constituted for the residents of flats. I was allotted a flat in a cluster of flats which later came to be known as Pragati Apartments. As per DDA rule, A welfare association was contituted by name PARWA. Share money (Rs 100) taken by DDA is still lying with DDA. DDA had failed to give this money to PARWA, the rightfull owner of this money as welfare association of the residents of Pragati Apartments who have given this share money to DDA at the time registration of the flat.

Having said it as far as share money is concerned, I come back to the subject of - "Do residents of Pragati Apartments really need a welfare association?" From my first-hand experience, I can say that they do not need any welfare association. Every resident is a association in himself. Why will they need any welfare association which will be run by few residents and which will keep on telling them what to do and what not to do?

Then the question arises, who needs it? The answer is few residenrs who want to project themselves as leaders of the residents. It is a different matter that many of them lack every trait of a leader, and they fill in the blanks by manipulation.

The fact is that there is Pragati Apartments, there are its residents and there is PARWA. Year after year these few residents will rotate the PARWA EC amongst themselves. It has been happening, it has happened and it will happen.


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