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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paintings by Kishita Gupta - wins prize


Mother Nature

Flat Mo. 315, Pragati Apartments

Sunday, August 15, 2010

झंडा ऊंचा रहे हमारा

हर वर्ष की भांति, इस वर्ष भी पार्वा ने प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स में स्वतंत्रता दिवस मनाया.
हर वर्ष की भांति, इस वर्ष भी कुछ ही निवासी इस आयोजन में शामिल हुए.
हर वर्ष की भांति, इस वर्ष भी लोग देर से आये.
हर वर्ष की भांति, इस वर्ष भी .............. (जाने दीजिये).
एक नई बात हुई इस वर्ष. पार्वा के महा-सचिव, श्री मलिक, ने एक चुटकुला सुनाया. उन्होंने कहा कि प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स के निवासी समय के बहुत पाबन्द हैं.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

आज हुई छमा छम वारिश

कई दिनों की लुकाछिपी के बाद आज आखिर वारिश हो ही गई प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स में. कल बादल गरजे थे, कुछ बूँदें भी पडीं पर वारिश नहीं हुई. ऐसा अकसर होता है कि दिल्ली में तेज वारिश होती है, रास्तों में पानी भर जाता है, पर प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स सूखा ही रहता है.

खैर आज वारिश हो ही गई. विश्व स्तर के शहर दिल्ली की तरह प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स में भी जगह-जगह पानी भर गया. इस नाते प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स भी विश्व स्तर के अपार्टमेंट्स हो गए हैं. वधाई हो.

Monday, August 9, 2010

पंद्रह अगस्त - क्या भूल गए क्या याद रहा

पिछले वर्ष मैंने पंद्रह अगस्त पर अपनी एक रचना अपने ब्लॉग काव्य कुञ्ज पर प्रकाशित की थी. आज वह रचना इस ब्लॉग पर प्रकाशित कर रहा हूँ.

"मैं बच्चा था एक वर्ष का,
जब पंद्रह अगस्त आया था,
आधी रात सूरज निकला था,
माँ ने मुझको बतलाया था,
आजादी के रंग में रंग कर,
नया तिरंगा फहराया था,
कई सदियों के बाद आज फिर,
भारत माता मुस्काई थी,
कितने बच्चों की कुरबानी
देकर यह शुभ घडी आई थी.

रंग-बिरंगे वस्त्र पहन कर,
हम सब विद्यालय जाते थे,
झंडा फहरा, राष्ट्र गान गा,
सब मिल कर लड्डू खाते थे,
दिन भर हा-हा-हू-हू करते,
रंग-बिरंगी पतंग उडाते,
मौज मनाते, ख़ुशी मनाते,
थक जाते, जल्दी सो जाते.

अब सोते हैं सुबह देर तक,
छुट्टी का आनंद लूटते,
लाल किले की प्राचीरों से,
कुछ न कुछ हर साल भूलते,
बना दिया बाज़ार राष्ट्र को,
भूल गए अपना इतिहास,
बने नकलची बन्दर हम सब,
अपना नहीं बचा कुछ पास.

राष्ट्र मंच पर कहाँ खड़े हैं,
नायक हैं या खलनायक है,
हैं सपूत भारत माता के,
या उसके दुःख का कारण हैं?
छह दशकों के दीर्घ सफ़र में,
कितने कष्ट दिए हैं माँ को,
माँ की आँखें फिर गीली हैं,
जागो अरे अभागों जागो."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean Pragati Apartments Drive on Independence Day

Next Sunday is India's Independence Day. Like every year, PARWA will celebrate it this year also. I think this year this day should be celebrated in a different manner.

Flag hoisting should be done by the senior most citizen in Pragati Apartments. After Flag hoisting, he/she should be requested to share with the children, young residents and others their personal experiences of that 15th August when India became free. This first hand account will give right information to the young generation.

After that, to sensitise and educate residents about keeping the environment clean and healthy, a cleanliness drive should be launched. Selected children and young residents can speak on the importance of cleanliness, protection of environment, saving water and electricity etc. A cleanliness procession should be taken in all parts of the apartments with banners carried by children and young residents.

Let the children teach the elders.

Friday, August 6, 2010

PAWA EC should restrict the movemnt of dogs

Free movement of dogs has become a nuisance in Pragati Apartments. Dogs have a free run in the parks, on the main road, in the back lanes, everywhere. This is not correct. PARWA EC should follow the example of Mumbai society and issue a circular for restricting the movement of dogs in the apartments.

Dogs should not be allowed in the parks. They should not be left unattended. Whenever a dog is taken out of the house, the dog should accompany the dog. Dog should be properly chained. Dog owners should take take their dogs outside the apartment if they want to take a stroll. Dog owners should ensure that their dogs do not urinate and poop inside the apartments.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PARWA EC should take action to solve this problem

Today there is a function going on in the Community Hall. They have installed a DG set without acoustic enclosure. It is generating lot of noise. Residents in near by flats in Group C are forced to tolerate this deafening noise, as PARWA EC has not been pro-active to stop this noise and air pollution,which is causing lot of inconvenience to them. This is yet another example of PARWA EC not bothering about the problems being faced by Group C residents.

I am on second floor. I have closed my doors and windows, but still the sound is troubling me. I can imagine the trouple ground and first floor residents must be going through. The smoke comtainng harmful gases is coming into the flats.

Using DG sets without acoustic enclosure is also a violation of Noise Pollution Law. PARWA EC should take up this issue with concerned Govt. departments managing this comminity hall.

Photos added on 05.08.2010

Enjoy the beauty of nature

Pragati Apartments have 13 parks but its residents never get a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. All parks are ill kept. Yesterday I was in Mohali. In the morning I visited the Rose Garden. I took many photos of roses and green surroundings. Then I made a movie from these photos. I uploading this movie so that residents can at least enjoy the beauty of nature as photographed in the movie:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gate No. 2 needs attention

On left are some picture of Gate No. 2. Don't you think it needs attention. PARWA ECs have always been partial to Group C. No doubt Gate No. 2 is near to Group C flats, but it is also near to some flats in Group B. PARWA EC should at least give some consideration to this Gate on it being near to some flats in Group B.

Time slots when this Gate opens are also not adequate if convenience of Group C residents is considered. Whenever I have raised this issue, some EC members have talked of shortage of security staff. This shortage is not a handicap when Gate No. 3 and 4 are opened for longer periods.

I do not know what two Block representatives of Group C residents are doing for solving problems of those residents whom they represent? They have not even called a meeting of Group C residents to know about the issues they should raise in EC related to welfare of Group C residents. One block representative has even been the President for two terms, but issues related to welfare of Group C residents have not engaged his attention. What may be the reasons for this?

I have put up a post on this blog detailing the issues related to welfare of Group C residents, but both block representatives do not seem be bothered about them. It is very unfortunate.


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