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Friday, April 30, 2010

Why President PARWA does not reply to letters written to him by residents?

Term of present PARWA EC is coming to close. During this period, I have written few letters to President PARWA but none of them have been replied.

When I handed over my letter dated 09.03.20 to the President on the subject of payment of minimum wages to PARWA employees, I was assured that this issue will be discussed in annual GBM. But he has not included this item in the agenda of GBM recently circulated. I wrote another letter proposing three points for discussion in annual GBM:
1. Paying minimum wages and providing other facilities to PARWA employees as per law.
2. Restricting tenure of PARWA officer bearers to two terms of one year each.
3. Is PARWA EC authorized by law to collect car parking fee from residents?

But till date I have not received any communication from him. The coutesy demands that I should be informed whether PARWA EC has decided to include these points in the agenda of annual GBM or decided against it. If EC has rejected my proposal then the reasons for rejection should also be communicated to me.

Similarly I had submitted a detailed proposal for regulating construction activity in Pragati Apartments from security point of view. This has also not been replied so far.

Now, what a PARWA member is expected to do under such circumstances? Should I bring it to the notice of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, and request him to send his representative to attend annual GBM to ensure that issues proposed by me are discussed in the GBM?

Any suggestions dear residents?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How effectively residents' representatives are representing them?

Not very effectively is my cnsidered opinion. Residents' representatives hardly behave as representatives. They come and sit in EC meeting and leave as per their convenience. Block representatives hardly have meetings with residents in their blocks before any EC meeting or GB meeting. During my brief association with PARWA EC, I have never seen any block representative raising any specific issue relating to residents of their respective blocks. Same is the case with tenants' representative.

In PARWA EC meetings, only issues raised by President and Secretary are discussed. Members have different opinions but a pre-decided opinion of President and Secretary is forced on all. This is dome in the name of showing consensous on every issue. Few times I have asked for voting but everybody felt offended by it. Even it was not accepted to record ny opinion. Minutes are recorded by Secretary and approved by President. They are not circulated to other members for their comments. In next EC meeting, these minutes are read by the Secretary and that is all. I tried to introduce some system in conduct of EC meetings, recording of minutes, circulating them to members for their comments on the accuracy of recording of decisions, but failed. Ultimately I resigned from EC.

There should be a well thought out agenda for each EC meeting. Two additional items should be included in the agenda - one, issues raised by block representatives and two, issues raised by tenant's representative. In my opinion, tenants' representative should also be elected. Present system of nominating a representative of tenants is not effective at all. I wonder if many tenants even know who is their representative.

Next PARWA EC should improve its working and make it more effective and efficient. It should be transparent. It should be interactive.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Publish your election manifesto

PARWA elections have been announced. Behind-the-door parleys have started. Are you a contestent? If yes, then have you prepared your manifesto - a public declaration of intentions.

Your manifesto should contain following declarations:
a) Why do you want to contest?
b) What are your long-term and short-term programmes relating to welfare of the residents of Pragati Apartments?
c) Have you ever served in PARWA EC? If yes, then what have been your achievements?
d) If you are elected, then will you work as representative/trustee of the residents or as malik/sarkar of Pragati Apartments?
e) Do you believe in transparency in working? If yes, then how do you propose to bring transparency in the working of PARWA EC?
f) What is your opinion on using PARWA employees for personal work?
g) Will you work to ensure that PARWA employees are paid minimum wages and other facilities as per the law of the land? If yes, then how do you propose to go about it?
h) Do you believe that PARWA EC should work as a team? If yes then how will you ensure to instill team spirit in PARWA EC members?
i) Are you a member of any group having conflicting interests in PARWA affairs? If no then how will you ensure to remain unaffected by group politics in PARWA?

Please publish your manifesto including above points and send it to me for uploading on the blog. You may also send your photo.

Let us have a transparent election this time.
Let us celeberate this year as "PARWA Year Of Transparent Working".

Monday, April 26, 2010

Election to PARWA EC on 23 May 2010

A circular has been issued on 20 April 2010 by Shri Nafe Singh (Flat No. 273) as CHief Election Officer for next election to PARWA EC. As per the circular, PARWA EC in its meeting on 11.04.2010 had nominated Shri Nafe Singh (Flat No. 273) as Chief Election Officer who, in his work, will be assisted by Dr. B S Rao (Flat No.95), Dr. V P Aggarwal (Flat No. 133) and Shri T D Soni (Flat No. 255). The election to PARWA EC has been scheduled to be held on 23 May 2010.

Eligibility to vote and contest

All residents (alotees, POA holders, tenants)who have paid subscription and other dues up to quarter ending on 31 March 2010 by/before 30 April 2010.
Note 1 - What are other dues ? I have no idea.
Note 2 - If a member has paid above subscription and other dues after 30 April 2010, will he/she be eligble to vote and/or contest?

Election schedule

a) Receipt of nominations - 04 May - 07 May (7 PM to 8.30 PM)
b) Scrutiny of nominations - 09 May (Sunday - 8 PM)
c) Display of list of contestants - 10 May (Monday - 8 PM)
d) Withdrawal of nominations - 14 May (Friday - 8 PM)
e) Final list displayed - 15 May (Saturday - 8 PM)
f) Voting, if required - 23 May (Sunday - 9 AM to 1 PM)
g) Declaration of results - 23 May (5 PM)

Use this election as a Change Agent.
Nominate only first/second timers.
Those who have served for two or more terms, do not disturb them and let them take rest.
Nominate younger people.
Do not encourage any groupism.
Elect your representatives to serve you.
Do not elect those who think that they are elected to rule.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visitors’ cars will not be allowed inside Pragati Apartments – PARWA EC

This is yet another decision of PARWA EC taken without considering all related aspects and has not been properly communicated to residents and security personnel. The decision as such is a sweeping one. It should have been further qualified. It should have been appropriately documented. It should have been properly communicated to security personnel to prevent any unpleasant situations.

I have discussed it with PARWA EC officer bearers and even offered to organize a training programme for security personnel, but as I said earlier they have a closed mind to any suggestion or opinion which does not suit to their stale mind set. I have also written a post on this issue on this blog. CLICK TO READ.

This issue should have been carefully handled as it involves friends and relatives of the residents. Present PARWA EC handled it in their familiar casual manner. Numbers of unpleasant situations have developed which could have been avoided if only PARWA EC office bearers have a pro-active mind set. They have been in PARWA EC for too long. It is time they take a rest and let new thoughts and energy come and manage the affairs of PARWA.

Now, coming to the point of qualifying this decision further, the term ‘visitor’ should have been clearly defined. One such definition could have been – A visitor is a person who is not a resident of Pragati Apartments - a very simple definition by any standard. Then EC should have defined what is a visitors’ car is? Any car or any other vehicle not owned by the residents of Pragati Apartments will be treated as a visitor’s car.

Next step should have been to define which visitor and which visitor car will be covered by the above EC decision? Let me give some examples:
a) Car coming to pick up and/or drop a resident. Will it be allowed in?
b) A friend/relative comes in a car to meet a resident but will not stay overnight. Will the car be allowed in?
c) A friend/relative comes in a car to meet a resident and will stay overnight. Will the car be allowed in and parked overnight?
d) School vans to pick up and drop kids. Will these be allowed in?
e) Car owned by friends/relatives of residents. Will these be allowed to enter and parked in the apartments for longer durations?

There can be many more such examples.

Pragati Apartments is a residential complex of educated people. Let there be professionalism in PARWA EC to manage its affairs. Let us use coming elections as Change Agent to bring in this professionalism.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Does President PARWA own Pragati Apartments?

Today I had a heated discussion. It was 1:5. I,one on one side and they were five on the pther side. I shouted at them and they shouted at me. Some serious issues emerged out of the heated discussion.

A resident said that President PARWA is owner of the Pragati Apartments (प्रधानजी मालिक हैं प्रगति अपार्टमेन्ट के). I said no, he is a representative of the residents. The resident further said that President is the Sarkar of Pragati Apartments (प्रधानजी सरकार हैं प्रगति अपार्टमेन्ट की). I again said no, he is the representative of the residents.

Another point came out - security gaurds are owned by Vice-president (सुरक्षा कर्मचारी उपप्रधान के आदमी हैं). I said no, they are the employees of PARWA.

This is a dangerous mind set. If representatives start thinking that they are the owners or sarkar of the apartments then it is not a good sign for PARWA.

Let us discuss it. President, Vice-president and Secretary should come out what they think about it. Do they consider themselves as representatives of the residents or owners of the apartments?

You can not have your cake and eat it too!!!

Today in the morning I saw that tents are being eracted in the Central Park. It reminded me of the above saying. Now how can you have a lush green park and also let is out for holding functions?

All residents are aware that this park is in the process of development. Truck loads of mitti has been put in the park to provide a new bed for grass to grow. Lot of fetilizer has been put. The grass has started growing. It is observed that the growth is not even. There are some patches where little grass has grown. There are even some patches where no grass has grown. More care is needed to ensure even growth of grass across the park. Holding a function in the park is not a wise idea. It will kill whatever grass has grown and the entire effort to develop the park will go waste.

PARWA EC/GB should have a re-think on letting out parks for holding functions. Children are discouraged from playing in the park to avoid any damage to the grass. How such functions are allowed in the park which will damage the grass much more?

Another issue has disturbed me for long. Is PARWA EC authorized to let out the parks for holding functions by charging a fee? Does PARWA EC has ownership rights on the parks or it has entered in to some agreement with MCD for letting out these parks for holding functions and charge a fee? This is an issue on which PARWA EC should issue a clarification.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

इस हमाम में सब नंगे हैं

आज जब में पार्क से वापिस आ रहा था, मैंने यह देखा:

पढ़े-लिखे समझदार लोग रहते हैं प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स में. अपने कर्तव्यों की जानकारी है उन्हें. जब जानकार लोग ऐसा अनुचित कार्य करते हैं तब उन्हें समझाना मुश्किल है, केवल दण्डित ही किया जा सकता है. पर दण्डित कौन किसे करेगा. इस हमाम में तो सब नंगे हैं.

PARWA Parks re-visited

Grass in the parks has started growing but the growth is irregular. On some portions grass has grown and on some portions no grass is seen. This needs immediate attention. PARWA EC should discuss this un-even grwoth of grass in the parks with concerned persons in horticulture department.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Agenda for Annual General Body meeting

Next PARWA Annual General Body meeting has been fixed on 16.05.2010. PARWA EC has circulated a Notice in which two points have been listed for discussion:
1. Report of General Secretary.
2. Financial matters and balance sheet.

Some more issues should have been listed for discussion:
1. Paying minimum wages and providing other facilities to PARWA employees as per law.
2. Restricting tenure of PARWA officer bearers to two terms.
3. Is PARWA EC authorized by law to collect car parking fee from residents?

Report of General Secretary and balance sheet should be circulated at least one week in advance so that residents can study them and a meaningful dihoulscussion can take place in the meeting.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breakfast in Central Park

Today was Sunday. Resident were in a holiday mood. A business promotion event was organized by a Bangalore based company MTR marketing Rava Idli, Sambar and Badam juice. To attract residents, company offered idli, sambar free.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tree plantation in Pragati Apartments

Saturday was the day of tree plantation in Pragati Apartments. This was not the first time but this time peoples' representatives were also present - MLA Shri Malaram Gangwal and Municipal Councilor Shri Harish.

CLICK to see two earlier posts:

I will once again impress upon the residents that each resident is duty bound to protect the parks and trees planted in the parks. They should ensure that no harm is done to parks.

For more photos contact me at 9810073862.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Don’t waste natural resources

Residents of Pragati Apartments are educated people. It will not be proper for me to advise them that it is the duty of each citizen to conserve natural resources, and to ensure that no resource is wasted. But I will like to give some suggestions.

Residents switch on lights in staircases. As they are not being charged for power consumed in this, many lights are kept on even after there is sufficient day light. I suggest that the lights should be switched off as soon as daylight is there. Also, if lights are switched on only in first and top floor, there will be sufficient light in ground and second floor. This way we can save 50% power.

Switch off lights and fans inside the rooms when no one is in the rooms. Replace bulbs and TFL with CFL. Water heaters should not be kept switched on for longer periods. Same should be for ACs. Remember power saved is power generated.

Water is another natural resource which is being wasted. Leaking water tanks should be repaired. Water pumps should not be kept running for longer periods. Some residents wash their cars and water their plants with running water. This is wrong.

My next suggestion is for PARWA EC. An awareness week should be organized by PARWA EC on conservation of natural resources. Competitions for children – painting, poems and small stories. Competition for younger people – debate on conservation of natural resources. Kids marching inside Pragati Apartments displaying banners.


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