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Sunday, May 16, 2010

PARWA needs a Code of Conduct for GBM

Today Parwa had its annual General Body Meeting (GBM). The scheduled time was 10 AM. Like previous years, at 10 AM four EC office bearers were present. From GB, I was present. See first two photos. The meeting was adjourned till 1030 AM.

At 1030 AM, four GB members have arrived. Meeting was started. See third photo.

Rest of the photos were taken in the middle of the meeting.

First two-three agenda items went on smoothly. I was quite impressed. Then members started making observations and asking clarifications. After some time, EC went on defensive. Meeting started hotting up. Then it became fee for all.

President introduced an unlisted agenda item on paying minimum wages to PARWA employees. At the end of discussion, President asked me to calrify the points raised by some members. I started clarifying and they started interrupting me. It was not pleasant to witness such indiscipline. PARWA sure needs a code of conduct for GBM.

If my nomination as President is approved then as part of ISO 9001 documentation I will have to prepare a procedure for conducting GBM, which will have do's and dont's for EC and GB members.

For details of discussions and decisions, wait for Secretary to release the minutes.


A PARWA member said...

You are right that there should be a code of conduct and procedure for holding GBM. It was a crowd. It was not a meeting of educated members of a RWA. Even EC office bearers at the dias behaved in an indisciplined manner. There are groups in EC was clearly evident. I appreciate your efforts in making PARWA EC a team.

Anonymous said...

I wish you also post your comments on JAGRAN SAMITI of apartment. It is also a big manipulation by big BHAGATS

Suresh Chnadra Gupta said...

I have been told many things about some samiti members. It is not pleasant to hear that people can do gadbad in the name of Divine Mother.


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