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Friday, September 23, 2011

PARWA Income thru legitimate Means!

Section 10 of PARWA Bye-laws deals with sources of income and utilization of funds. As per this bye-law:
a)      Funds may be raised by PARWA by contribution and donation by the apartment owners/residents/other sources.
b)      From common profits which shall form the nucleus of reserve funds.
c)      Source of income shall be the admission fee, subscription, penalties realized and donations.

Collection of parking fee is illegal both in view of above provisions and laws laid down by MCD as informed under RTI Act. I have brought MCD reply to the notice of PARWA EC and also in the emergent-extended meeting of EC on 17.09.2011. I have informed that when collection of parking fee is associated with threats that parking slot will be allotted to only those members who pay this fee, PARWA wrongly assumes ownership of the slot and this collection becomes extortion which is punishable under law. It was unfortunate that members present in EC meeting were justifying violations of laws and forcing me to join them in these violations. I refused to join them. I strong oppose any violation of any law and am not a part of any decision taken by PARWA GB/EC which results in direct/indirect violation of any law.

I once again reiterate my demands:
a) PAWA EC should immediately stop illegal collection of parking fee.
b) PARWA EC should give an unqualified written apology for calling me a defaulter for not paying the illegal parking fee demanded by PARWA EC.
c) PARWA EC should immediately delete my name from the list of defaulters.
d) Election of present EC should be immediately cancelled as my nomination was illegally rejected as I did not pay the illegal parking fee.
d) PARWA should hold fresh election of PARWA EC.

Similarly collection of fee for advertisements and booking of parks are also illegal as informed by MCD under RTI Act.

I am a senior citizen and have a great respect for law of the land. As a responsible member of PARWA, I still feel that PARWA EC and members present in EC meeting on 17.09.2011 will see the reason and come out of a wrong mindset that there is no harm in violating law of the land as long as it generates income for PARWA. I once again reiterate that if PARWA has to raise funds for its welfare/development schemes then such funds should be raised by legitimate means and not by violating laws. I have thought about it and give following suggestions for raising funds for PARWA without violating any law of the land:
a) PARWA may adopt multi-tier subscription system. Amount of parking fee can be merged in annual subscription for those members who have 2/3/4 or more cars.
b) PARWA may apply for a license from MCD for display of advertisements of product/service suppliers at the gates and boundary walls of the apartments. Under this arrangement, advertisement fee will be shared between PARWA and MCD.
c) PARWA may sign a MOU with MCD for booking of parks for holding functions by PARWA and residents. Under this arrangement, PARWA will get some amount as service fee or commission from MCD.

Above system will be in conformity of the law and PARWA will continue generating excess income for its welfare/development schemes.

My suggestions can be discussed in an emergent EC meeting. PARWA EC can then approach PARWA GB with its recommendations for a final decision.

Let us all make use of this opportunity to create a synergic effect to raise PARWA to greater heights. Let us not be guided by personal ego and vested personal and group interests.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I do not see any activism in PARWA EC on Power-Water Woes

Click on the image to read what is happening in Delhi on power and water front. RWAs all across Delhi are agitated about it but I do not see any agitation in the minds of officer bearers of PARWA on these issues. I have written few posts on these issues on this blog.

PARWA did not submit objections and also did not participate in DERC hearings on unjustified huge raise in power tariff. Yesterday's protest at Jantar Mantar was also not attended by PARWA representatives. Similar is the case of meeting of RWAs with Delhi CM.

What wrong residents of Pragati Apartments have done to deserve such EC officer bearers? 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why discriminate between residents?

I have written a letter to PARWA EC, which is self-explanatory:
"I have received your above referred letter and confirm that I will attend the emergent meeting of PARWA EC scheduled for 17.09.2011 at 07.30 PM.
Yesterday I saw a circular issued by you relating to the above meeting in which some members of PARWA have been invited to attend the meeting. In this connection, I will like to put following comments on record and for necessary action at your end:
a)      My letter dated 06.09.2011 was a notice served on President, Gen Secretary and all office bearers of PARWA EC, and as such should be discussed by EC which has taken wrong actions as detailed in my notice and other earlier letters.
b)      If you have decided that these issues should be discussed in a body comprising of EC members and other members of PARWA then there should be no discrimination in selecting only few members to be invited to this meeting.  All PARWA members should be invited. In other words, an emergent GB meeting should be called.
c)      Effectiveness, efficiency, neutrality and transparency of PARWA EC have been badly affected by ‘Group Culture’, where members of these groups work for their supremacy and not for general welfare of PARWA. Above selection of few members out of larger PARWA membership will only strengthen this group culture and harm the interests of PARWA members
With only few members being always in PARWA EC has created arrogance in them. Their mind set has lost the capability to tolerate view points on various issues which are in conflict with their own viewpoints. They do not hesitate in violating laws to score a victory over those members whom they think are challenging their authority. This does not augur well for PARWA, a welfare society bound by its Bye-laws and law of the land.
My basic purpose of raising various issues is to ensure that PARWA is not caught violating the laws of the land and provisions of PARWA Bye-laws. Whenever I raised these issues, I did not get any positive response from your side. I was confronted with an arrogant attitude and a desire to belittle me and my views. A misinformation campaign was launched by you to project me as a person who is anti-welfare. Even my nomination for President PARWA was got illegally rejected under a conspiracy between you and the Election Officer. 
As part of the misinformation campaign, Shriman Jai Vats, a member of PARWA EC, has circulated a letter misinforming PARWA members. I was shocked to see this letter as in any civil society no individual addresses such a letter to members of the society by naming another individual and casting aspersions on him. If he had a grievance with me he should have addressed a private communication to me. PARWA EC certainly should not have behaved in this un-civil manner.
I am a member of PARWA and my endeavour would always be to ensure that PARWA, as a welfare society of residents of Pragati Apartments, religiously follows laws of the land and PARWA Bye-laws. If PARWA has to raise funds for its welfare/development schemes then such funds should be raised by legitimate means and not by violating laws. I am sure that a larger section of PARWA membership is opposed to any illegitimate means being adopted by PARWA EC and will not like PARWA  to be known as a society which violates laws.  
Please include this letter, notice and other earlier letters as agenda reference material for the meeting and circulate them to all PARWA members to enable them to ponder on them and come to the meeting with a considered opinion to find out positive solutions to these issues. Let us all make use of this opportunity to create a synergic effect to raise PARWA to greater heights. Let us not be guided by personal ego and vested personal and group interests.
The proceedings of the meeting should be video/audio recorded. Views of each member should be appropriately recorded against his/her name. Decision on each issue should be put to vote and majority point of view should be recorded as the decision of the meeting. The minutes of the meeting should be circulated to all members.
Please inform me of your decision of discussing these issues in an emergent EC meeting as scheduled for 17.09.2011 with no discrimination in selecting invitees or in an emergent GB meeting with all PARWA members."

सभ्य समाज में ऐसा नहीं होना चाहिए

प्रगति अपार्टमेन्ट्स के फ्लैट न. ५७ के निवासी श्रीमान जय वत्स ने पिछले दिनों एक पत्र जारी किया. यह पत्र उन्होंने सभी निवासियों को वितरित किया. पढ़ने के लिए साथ की इमेज पर क्लिक करें.

मैंने जब यह पत्र पढ़ा तब मुझे बहुत दुःख हुआ. इस पत्र में श्रीमान वत्स ने पार्वा से सम्बंधित कुछ विषयों पर अपार्टमेन्ट निवासियों को गलत सूचना दी. उन्होंने पत्र में मुझ पर गलत आरोप भी लगाए. सभ्य समाज में किसी को ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिए. अगर श्रीमान वत्स को मुझ से कोई शिकायत थी तब वह मुझ से बात करते या मुझे पत्र लिखते. सार्वजनिक तौर पर एक अपार्टमेन्ट निवासी द्वारा सारे अपार्टमेन्ट निवासियों को ऐसा पत्र लिखा जाना जिस में एक दूसरे अपार्टमेन्ट निवासी पर दोषरोपण किया गया हो, किसी तरह से उचित नहीं ठहराया जा सकता.

क्योंकि इस पत्र में मुझ पर दोषारोपण किया गया था इसलिए मुझे भी एक पत्र जारी करना पड़ा:
"श्रीमान जय वत्स (फ्लेट न. ५७) ने एक परचा जारी किया है जिस में उन्होंने पार्वा से सम्बंधित कुछ मुद्दों को गलत रूप से पेश किया है. मैं नहीं जानता कि ऐसा उन्होंने किस उद्देश्य से किया है और यह एक निवासी के रूप में किया है या पार्वा कार्यकारिणी (पाका) के सदस्य के रूप में. क्योंकि उन्होंने इस पर्चे में मेरा नाम लिखा है इसलिए मेरे लिए यह जरूरी हो गया है कि मैं इन मुद्दों को सही रूप में पेश करूं.
मैंने दिल्ली नगर निगम को प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष कोई शिकायत नहीं की है. मैंने सूचना अधिकार अधिनियन के अंतर्गत निगम से यह जानकारी मांगी थी कि क्या निगम ने ऐसी कोई योजना चला रखी है जिस के अंदर निगम रेजिडेंट्स वेल्फेयर असोसिएशंस को पार्किंग फी चार्ज करने का अधिकार देता है? निगम ने इस का उत्तर में दिया है. इस का अर्थ यह हुआ कि पाका गैरकानूनी रूप से जबरन पार्किंग फी बसूल कर रही है. क्या यह कहने की जरुरत है कि यह एक अपराध है?
मैंने पाका को कोई धमकी नहीं दी है. धमकी देने का काम पाका करती है. कुछ दिन पहले पाका ने कारों की हवा निकालने की धमकी दी थी. मैंने पाका को एक नोटिस दिया है जिसमें मैंने लिखा है कि यह गैरकानूनी जबरन बसूली बंद की जाय और जिन निवासियों ने यह पैसा दे दिया है उन्हें इसे ब्याज सहित वापस किया जाय. इस बसूली का पैसा न देने वाले जिन निवासियों को डिफाल्टर घोषित किया गया है उनसे लिखित माफ़ी मांगी जाय. एक षड्यंत्र के अंतर्गत इस आधार पर कुछ निवासियों के चुनाव में नामांकन (मेरा नामांकन भी) गलत तरीके से रद्द किये गए थे जिस के कारण चुनाव गैरकानूनी हुआ. इस चुनाव को रद्द किया जाय और नए चुनाव कराये जाएँ. यह सब न करने की स्थिति में मेरे पास पुलिस और नगर निगम में शिकायत करने का कोई विकल्प नहीं रह जाता.
यह बहुत दुःख और शर्म की बात है कि पाका अधिकारी देश के कानून और पार्वा बाई-लाज का उल्लंघन कर रहे हैं. उन के इस गैरकानूनी व्यवहार से प्रगति अपार्टमेंट्स के अच्छे नाम पर धब्बा लग रहा है. इसे रोकना बहुत जरूरी है."

श्रीमान वत्स एक शिक्षित समझदार व्यक्ति हैं. आशा करता हूँ कि भविष्य में वह इस बात को नहीं दोहराएंगे. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notice to PARWA President, Gen Secretary and Office Bearers

I have served following notice to PARWA President, Gen Secretary and other Office Bearers:

"President, Gen Secretary and all other Office Bearers
Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association
Pragati Apartments
New Delhi – 110063

Through this letter I am serving this notice on you for criminal abuse of authority in extorting money from residents of Pragati Apartments for parking/maintenance of second and subsequent cars. PARWA EC/GB have no authority to charge parking or any other fee for parking of cars inside and outside Pragati Apartments. This is the exclusive authority of MCD. Acts of President, General Secretary and other Office Bearers of PARWA in this connection are nothing but acts of coercion.

I have been informed by MCD under RTI Act that MCD is not operating any scheme under which Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) are authorized to charge parking/maintenance fee from residents for parking their cars inside the colony and also outside the colony (see reverse). You have misrepresented facts before residents and cheated them of large amounts of money as parking/maintenance fee. 

Under the above misrepresentation of facts and with felonious intent you have included my name and name of some other residents in the list of defaulters for non-payment of above fee. You have then conspired with the Election Officer for rejecting my nomination for the post of President PARWA by giving him this list but with felonious intent did not display the list for information of all residents.

I demand from you:
a) an unqualified written apology for calling me a defaulter.
b) deletion of my name and names of other residents from the list of defaulters.
c) cancellation of the result of election of present EC.
d) holding of fresh election.
e) stop illegal collection of parking fee.
f) return of parking fee with interest to those residents who have paid it.

If you do not take above actions by 15th September and confirm the same in the form of a resolution of EC, I will file criminal complaints against President, Gen Secretary and other Office Bearers of PARWA by their name to police and MCD, and you will be solely responsible for any action by the law authorities." 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Should PARWA Office Bearers not be prosecuted for breaking the law?

I have written number of posts on this blog. I have also spoken to PARWA Office Bearers. I have also written number of letters to them, but they continued breaking the law. They even rejected my nomination for the post of President PARWA by breaking the law. PARWA has no authority to charge parking/maintenance fee from residents for parking their cars, charging fee from advertisers and also for charging rent for parks for holding functions. In fact MCD has no such scheme where RWAs can be authorized to charge these fees.

This PARWA EC is the result of an illegal election where Election Officer conspired with outgoing President and Gen Secretary to ensure their re-election. Nomination of Block Representatives is illegal as they are required to be elected not nominated as per PARWA Bye-laws. Similarly nomination of Joint Secretary and filling the vacancy of treasurer are illegal.

President PARWA is so arrogant that he is not ready to listen to the reason. His arrogance has forced me to approach MCD through RTI Act to know the law and whether PARWA is acting within the law or breaking it. I have received the reply from MCD and it is clear that PARWA Office Bearers are guilty of breaking the law. See for yourself. Click on the images.

Should not these office bearers be prosecuted for breaking the law?


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