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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Election or Manipulation?

Some residents of Pragati Apartments have a view that new PARWA EC should be installed in office without resorting to election, meaning that there should no voting. All EC office bearers should be elected unopposed. Their argument is that voting creates ill will amongst contestants. I respect their views, but I do not agree with them.

Ideally their views may be correct but the means being adopted to achieve the end are not correct. These residents want to avoid the ill will between contestants but they themselves are injecting ill will between contestants. Election process announced by the Chief Election Officer ensures the participation of all PARWA members in the election process, but the strategy adopted by these few residents has limited this participation to very few residents. Only this point is sufficient to make their startegy unconstitutional.

Another point is that these few residents are not realizing that in the guise of creating unity they are creating new groups in PARWA membership. They called a meeting in which only few residents were invited. In this meeting they decided the new PARWA EC. The people chosen by them were asked to file nominations. Some people filed nomination for more than one post as a stretegy to counter any opposition. First list is out. Now these people have decided who will withdraw from which post so that their pre-decided EC is installed in the office.

PARWA is having an election but these residents have changed it in to manipulation. They have almost succeeded except on the post of President. I have refused to withdraw.

Now is the test of their real intentions. If they are sincere about 'no voting' principle then they should prove their sincerity. If their choice candidate does not withdraw then there will be election for the post of President. They may win. It may satisfy their ego because to win is very important for them. But their win will be achieved by unethical means. Their act has already created ill will. They are beset with ill will towards me. They are spreading this ill will towards me.

As far as I am concerned I have no ill will for any one. I have no time for these things. I want to give new direction to PARWA EC. If residents approve my nomination then I will do my job with sincerity. I have already dclared my intent and also methodology. Every thing is transparent. If my nomination is not approved then I will have satisfaction that I tried.

I have strtched out my hand. I invite all to come and hold my hand with confidence.


C.S.GULATI, Flat No-93 said...

I fully agree & support you in your efforts for making parwa an ISO 9001 RWA.

Anonymous said...

Sh Gulati suports the views of Mr Gupta, but he himself invoved in the manipulation process. What a joke?

Anonymous said...

It’s all manipulation of election process. I am sure next year Gopal Sharma would again stake his claim on President ship and he would succeed of course without a contest?


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