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Friday, April 30, 2010

Why President PARWA does not reply to letters written to him by residents?

Term of present PARWA EC is coming to close. During this period, I have written few letters to President PARWA but none of them have been replied.

When I handed over my letter dated 09.03.20 to the President on the subject of payment of minimum wages to PARWA employees, I was assured that this issue will be discussed in annual GBM. But he has not included this item in the agenda of GBM recently circulated. I wrote another letter proposing three points for discussion in annual GBM:
1. Paying minimum wages and providing other facilities to PARWA employees as per law.
2. Restricting tenure of PARWA officer bearers to two terms of one year each.
3. Is PARWA EC authorized by law to collect car parking fee from residents?

But till date I have not received any communication from him. The coutesy demands that I should be informed whether PARWA EC has decided to include these points in the agenda of annual GBM or decided against it. If EC has rejected my proposal then the reasons for rejection should also be communicated to me.

Similarly I had submitted a detailed proposal for regulating construction activity in Pragati Apartments from security point of view. This has also not been replied so far.

Now, what a PARWA member is expected to do under such circumstances? Should I bring it to the notice of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, and request him to send his representative to attend annual GBM to ensure that issues proposed by me are discussed in the GBM?

Any suggestions dear residents?



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