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Friday, April 2, 2010

Don’t waste natural resources

Residents of Pragati Apartments are educated people. It will not be proper for me to advise them that it is the duty of each citizen to conserve natural resources, and to ensure that no resource is wasted. But I will like to give some suggestions.

Residents switch on lights in staircases. As they are not being charged for power consumed in this, many lights are kept on even after there is sufficient day light. I suggest that the lights should be switched off as soon as daylight is there. Also, if lights are switched on only in first and top floor, there will be sufficient light in ground and second floor. This way we can save 50% power.

Switch off lights and fans inside the rooms when no one is in the rooms. Replace bulbs and TFL with CFL. Water heaters should not be kept switched on for longer periods. Same should be for ACs. Remember power saved is power generated.

Water is another natural resource which is being wasted. Leaking water tanks should be repaired. Water pumps should not be kept running for longer periods. Some residents wash their cars and water their plants with running water. This is wrong.

My next suggestion is for PARWA EC. An awareness week should be organized by PARWA EC on conservation of natural resources. Competitions for children – painting, poems and small stories. Competition for younger people – debate on conservation of natural resources. Kids marching inside Pragati Apartments displaying banners.


Kanta said...

It is criminal to waste natural resources. We are all educated people. We should behave is a responsible manner.


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