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Saturday, April 24, 2010

You can not have your cake and eat it too!!!

Today in the morning I saw that tents are being eracted in the Central Park. It reminded me of the above saying. Now how can you have a lush green park and also let is out for holding functions?

All residents are aware that this park is in the process of development. Truck loads of mitti has been put in the park to provide a new bed for grass to grow. Lot of fetilizer has been put. The grass has started growing. It is observed that the growth is not even. There are some patches where little grass has grown. There are even some patches where no grass has grown. More care is needed to ensure even growth of grass across the park. Holding a function in the park is not a wise idea. It will kill whatever grass has grown and the entire effort to develop the park will go waste.

PARWA EC/GB should have a re-think on letting out parks for holding functions. Children are discouraged from playing in the park to avoid any damage to the grass. How such functions are allowed in the park which will damage the grass much more?

Another issue has disturbed me for long. Is PARWA EC authorized to let out the parks for holding functions by charging a fee? Does PARWA EC has ownership rights on the parks or it has entered in to some agreement with MCD for letting out these parks for holding functions and charge a fee? This is an issue on which PARWA EC should issue a clarification.


A young resident said...

They cut the trees mercilessly. Now they will the park like an unborn child.


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