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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Publish your election manifesto

PARWA elections have been announced. Behind-the-door parleys have started. Are you a contestent? If yes, then have you prepared your manifesto - a public declaration of intentions.

Your manifesto should contain following declarations:
a) Why do you want to contest?
b) What are your long-term and short-term programmes relating to welfare of the residents of Pragati Apartments?
c) Have you ever served in PARWA EC? If yes, then what have been your achievements?
d) If you are elected, then will you work as representative/trustee of the residents or as malik/sarkar of Pragati Apartments?
e) Do you believe in transparency in working? If yes, then how do you propose to bring transparency in the working of PARWA EC?
f) What is your opinion on using PARWA employees for personal work?
g) Will you work to ensure that PARWA employees are paid minimum wages and other facilities as per the law of the land? If yes, then how do you propose to go about it?
h) Do you believe that PARWA EC should work as a team? If yes then how will you ensure to instill team spirit in PARWA EC members?
i) Are you a member of any group having conflicting interests in PARWA affairs? If no then how will you ensure to remain unaffected by group politics in PARWA?

Please publish your manifesto including above points and send it to me for uploading on the blog. You may also send your photo.

Let us have a transparent election this time.
Let us celeberate this year as "PARWA Year Of Transparent Working".



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