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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visitors’ cars will not be allowed inside Pragati Apartments – PARWA EC

This is yet another decision of PARWA EC taken without considering all related aspects and has not been properly communicated to residents and security personnel. The decision as such is a sweeping one. It should have been further qualified. It should have been appropriately documented. It should have been properly communicated to security personnel to prevent any unpleasant situations.

I have discussed it with PARWA EC officer bearers and even offered to organize a training programme for security personnel, but as I said earlier they have a closed mind to any suggestion or opinion which does not suit to their stale mind set. I have also written a post on this issue on this blog. CLICK TO READ.

This issue should have been carefully handled as it involves friends and relatives of the residents. Present PARWA EC handled it in their familiar casual manner. Numbers of unpleasant situations have developed which could have been avoided if only PARWA EC office bearers have a pro-active mind set. They have been in PARWA EC for too long. It is time they take a rest and let new thoughts and energy come and manage the affairs of PARWA.

Now, coming to the point of qualifying this decision further, the term ‘visitor’ should have been clearly defined. One such definition could have been – A visitor is a person who is not a resident of Pragati Apartments - a very simple definition by any standard. Then EC should have defined what is a visitors’ car is? Any car or any other vehicle not owned by the residents of Pragati Apartments will be treated as a visitor’s car.

Next step should have been to define which visitor and which visitor car will be covered by the above EC decision? Let me give some examples:
a) Car coming to pick up and/or drop a resident. Will it be allowed in?
b) A friend/relative comes in a car to meet a resident but will not stay overnight. Will the car be allowed in?
c) A friend/relative comes in a car to meet a resident and will stay overnight. Will the car be allowed in and parked overnight?
d) School vans to pick up and drop kids. Will these be allowed in?
e) Car owned by friends/relatives of residents. Will these be allowed to enter and parked in the apartments for longer durations?

There can be many more such examples.

Pragati Apartments is a residential complex of educated people. Let there be professionalism in PARWA EC to manage its affairs. Let us use coming elections as Change Agent to bring in this professionalism.


A young resident said...

A very good analysis. These oldies are not capable of thinking in a pro-active manner.


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