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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How effectively residents' representatives are representing them?

Not very effectively is my cnsidered opinion. Residents' representatives hardly behave as representatives. They come and sit in EC meeting and leave as per their convenience. Block representatives hardly have meetings with residents in their blocks before any EC meeting or GB meeting. During my brief association with PARWA EC, I have never seen any block representative raising any specific issue relating to residents of their respective blocks. Same is the case with tenants' representative.

In PARWA EC meetings, only issues raised by President and Secretary are discussed. Members have different opinions but a pre-decided opinion of President and Secretary is forced on all. This is dome in the name of showing consensous on every issue. Few times I have asked for voting but everybody felt offended by it. Even it was not accepted to record ny opinion. Minutes are recorded by Secretary and approved by President. They are not circulated to other members for their comments. In next EC meeting, these minutes are read by the Secretary and that is all. I tried to introduce some system in conduct of EC meetings, recording of minutes, circulating them to members for their comments on the accuracy of recording of decisions, but failed. Ultimately I resigned from EC.

There should be a well thought out agenda for each EC meeting. Two additional items should be included in the agenda - one, issues raised by block representatives and two, issues raised by tenant's representative. In my opinion, tenants' representative should also be elected. Present system of nominating a representative of tenants is not effective at all. I wonder if many tenants even know who is their representative.

Next PARWA EC should improve its working and make it more effective and efficient. It should be transparent. It should be interactive.



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