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Friday, September 23, 2011

PARWA Income thru legitimate Means!

Section 10 of PARWA Bye-laws deals with sources of income and utilization of funds. As per this bye-law:
a)      Funds may be raised by PARWA by contribution and donation by the apartment owners/residents/other sources.
b)      From common profits which shall form the nucleus of reserve funds.
c)      Source of income shall be the admission fee, subscription, penalties realized and donations.

Collection of parking fee is illegal both in view of above provisions and laws laid down by MCD as informed under RTI Act. I have brought MCD reply to the notice of PARWA EC and also in the emergent-extended meeting of EC on 17.09.2011. I have informed that when collection of parking fee is associated with threats that parking slot will be allotted to only those members who pay this fee, PARWA wrongly assumes ownership of the slot and this collection becomes extortion which is punishable under law. It was unfortunate that members present in EC meeting were justifying violations of laws and forcing me to join them in these violations. I refused to join them. I strong oppose any violation of any law and am not a part of any decision taken by PARWA GB/EC which results in direct/indirect violation of any law.

I once again reiterate my demands:
a) PAWA EC should immediately stop illegal collection of parking fee.
b) PARWA EC should give an unqualified written apology for calling me a defaulter for not paying the illegal parking fee demanded by PARWA EC.
c) PARWA EC should immediately delete my name from the list of defaulters.
d) Election of present EC should be immediately cancelled as my nomination was illegally rejected as I did not pay the illegal parking fee.
d) PARWA should hold fresh election of PARWA EC.

Similarly collection of fee for advertisements and booking of parks are also illegal as informed by MCD under RTI Act.

I am a senior citizen and have a great respect for law of the land. As a responsible member of PARWA, I still feel that PARWA EC and members present in EC meeting on 17.09.2011 will see the reason and come out of a wrong mindset that there is no harm in violating law of the land as long as it generates income for PARWA. I once again reiterate that if PARWA has to raise funds for its welfare/development schemes then such funds should be raised by legitimate means and not by violating laws. I have thought about it and give following suggestions for raising funds for PARWA without violating any law of the land:
a) PARWA may adopt multi-tier subscription system. Amount of parking fee can be merged in annual subscription for those members who have 2/3/4 or more cars.
b) PARWA may apply for a license from MCD for display of advertisements of product/service suppliers at the gates and boundary walls of the apartments. Under this arrangement, advertisement fee will be shared between PARWA and MCD.
c) PARWA may sign a MOU with MCD for booking of parks for holding functions by PARWA and residents. Under this arrangement, PARWA will get some amount as service fee or commission from MCD.

Above system will be in conformity of the law and PARWA will continue generating excess income for its welfare/development schemes.

My suggestions can be discussed in an emergent EC meeting. PARWA EC can then approach PARWA GB with its recommendations for a final decision.

Let us all make use of this opportunity to create a synergic effect to raise PARWA to greater heights. Let us not be guided by personal ego and vested personal and group interests.



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