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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why discriminate between residents?

I have written a letter to PARWA EC, which is self-explanatory:
"I have received your above referred letter and confirm that I will attend the emergent meeting of PARWA EC scheduled for 17.09.2011 at 07.30 PM.
Yesterday I saw a circular issued by you relating to the above meeting in which some members of PARWA have been invited to attend the meeting. In this connection, I will like to put following comments on record and for necessary action at your end:
a)      My letter dated 06.09.2011 was a notice served on President, Gen Secretary and all office bearers of PARWA EC, and as such should be discussed by EC which has taken wrong actions as detailed in my notice and other earlier letters.
b)      If you have decided that these issues should be discussed in a body comprising of EC members and other members of PARWA then there should be no discrimination in selecting only few members to be invited to this meeting.  All PARWA members should be invited. In other words, an emergent GB meeting should be called.
c)      Effectiveness, efficiency, neutrality and transparency of PARWA EC have been badly affected by ‘Group Culture’, where members of these groups work for their supremacy and not for general welfare of PARWA. Above selection of few members out of larger PARWA membership will only strengthen this group culture and harm the interests of PARWA members
With only few members being always in PARWA EC has created arrogance in them. Their mind set has lost the capability to tolerate view points on various issues which are in conflict with their own viewpoints. They do not hesitate in violating laws to score a victory over those members whom they think are challenging their authority. This does not augur well for PARWA, a welfare society bound by its Bye-laws and law of the land.
My basic purpose of raising various issues is to ensure that PARWA is not caught violating the laws of the land and provisions of PARWA Bye-laws. Whenever I raised these issues, I did not get any positive response from your side. I was confronted with an arrogant attitude and a desire to belittle me and my views. A misinformation campaign was launched by you to project me as a person who is anti-welfare. Even my nomination for President PARWA was got illegally rejected under a conspiracy between you and the Election Officer. 
As part of the misinformation campaign, Shriman Jai Vats, a member of PARWA EC, has circulated a letter misinforming PARWA members. I was shocked to see this letter as in any civil society no individual addresses such a letter to members of the society by naming another individual and casting aspersions on him. If he had a grievance with me he should have addressed a private communication to me. PARWA EC certainly should not have behaved in this un-civil manner.
I am a member of PARWA and my endeavour would always be to ensure that PARWA, as a welfare society of residents of Pragati Apartments, religiously follows laws of the land and PARWA Bye-laws. If PARWA has to raise funds for its welfare/development schemes then such funds should be raised by legitimate means and not by violating laws. I am sure that a larger section of PARWA membership is opposed to any illegitimate means being adopted by PARWA EC and will not like PARWA  to be known as a society which violates laws.  
Please include this letter, notice and other earlier letters as agenda reference material for the meeting and circulate them to all PARWA members to enable them to ponder on them and come to the meeting with a considered opinion to find out positive solutions to these issues. Let us all make use of this opportunity to create a synergic effect to raise PARWA to greater heights. Let us not be guided by personal ego and vested personal and group interests.
The proceedings of the meeting should be video/audio recorded. Views of each member should be appropriately recorded against his/her name. Decision on each issue should be put to vote and majority point of view should be recorded as the decision of the meeting. The minutes of the meeting should be circulated to all members.
Please inform me of your decision of discussing these issues in an emergent EC meeting as scheduled for 17.09.2011 with no discrimination in selecting invitees or in an emergent GB meeting with all PARWA members."


एक निवासी said...

आप की बात बिलकुल सही है. सस्ती लोकप्रियता हासिल करने के लिए यह लोग कानून तोड़ते हैं और जो इस का विरोध करता है उसके खिलाफ दुष्प्रचार करते हैं.

Anonymous said...

"If PARWA has to raise funds for its welfare/development schemes then such funds should be raised by legitimate means and not by violating laws. I am sure that a larger section of PARWA membership is opposed to any illegitimate means being adopted by PARWA EC and will not like PARWA to be known as a society which violates laws."

I am one who believes in this.

Anonymous said...

U are a bogus man. U wasted 48 man hours just for nothing. u should be punished

S. C. Gupta said...

Anonymous, if you are man enough then post under your real name. Shamelessly you call me a bogus man when you yourself are a law breaker. You steal power, you assume illegal ownership of parking slot by paying illegal parking fee. Because of you PARWA was caught in stealing power and was fined. Because of you PARWA will be caught in breaking the law and punished.

Wasting of manhours! I did not ask you to come in the meeting. Blame those who invited you. Blame yourself who was thinking that by shouting at me you will force me to join your gang of law breakers.

Shameless creatures, keep away, do not criminalize PARWA.

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