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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notice to PARWA President, Gen Secretary and Office Bearers

I have served following notice to PARWA President, Gen Secretary and other Office Bearers:

"President, Gen Secretary and all other Office Bearers
Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association
Pragati Apartments
New Delhi – 110063

Through this letter I am serving this notice on you for criminal abuse of authority in extorting money from residents of Pragati Apartments for parking/maintenance of second and subsequent cars. PARWA EC/GB have no authority to charge parking or any other fee for parking of cars inside and outside Pragati Apartments. This is the exclusive authority of MCD. Acts of President, General Secretary and other Office Bearers of PARWA in this connection are nothing but acts of coercion.

I have been informed by MCD under RTI Act that MCD is not operating any scheme under which Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) are authorized to charge parking/maintenance fee from residents for parking their cars inside the colony and also outside the colony (see reverse). You have misrepresented facts before residents and cheated them of large amounts of money as parking/maintenance fee. 

Under the above misrepresentation of facts and with felonious intent you have included my name and name of some other residents in the list of defaulters for non-payment of above fee. You have then conspired with the Election Officer for rejecting my nomination for the post of President PARWA by giving him this list but with felonious intent did not display the list for information of all residents.

I demand from you:
a) an unqualified written apology for calling me a defaulter.
b) deletion of my name and names of other residents from the list of defaulters.
c) cancellation of the result of election of present EC.
d) holding of fresh election.
e) stop illegal collection of parking fee.
f) return of parking fee with interest to those residents who have paid it.

If you do not take above actions by 15th September and confirm the same in the form of a resolution of EC, I will file criminal complaints against President, Gen Secretary and other Office Bearers of PARWA by their name to police and MCD, and you will be solely responsible for any action by the law authorities." 


A PARWA member said...

I fully agree with the points raised in your notice. Now the time has come when these law breakers are removed and PARWA is put on the right track.

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