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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Should PARWA Office Bearers not be prosecuted for breaking the law?

I have written number of posts on this blog. I have also spoken to PARWA Office Bearers. I have also written number of letters to them, but they continued breaking the law. They even rejected my nomination for the post of President PARWA by breaking the law. PARWA has no authority to charge parking/maintenance fee from residents for parking their cars, charging fee from advertisers and also for charging rent for parks for holding functions. In fact MCD has no such scheme where RWAs can be authorized to charge these fees.

This PARWA EC is the result of an illegal election where Election Officer conspired with outgoing President and Gen Secretary to ensure their re-election. Nomination of Block Representatives is illegal as they are required to be elected not nominated as per PARWA Bye-laws. Similarly nomination of Joint Secretary and filling the vacancy of treasurer are illegal.

President PARWA is so arrogant that he is not ready to listen to the reason. His arrogance has forced me to approach MCD through RTI Act to know the law and whether PARWA is acting within the law or breaking it. I have received the reply from MCD and it is clear that PARWA Office Bearers are guilty of breaking the law. See for yourself. Click on the images.

Should not these office bearers be prosecuted for breaking the law?



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