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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why I did not speak in last AGBM?

A member has commented in C-box:
"member: SC Gupta never opens his mouth in GB or anywhere, he only writes untrue thing in web and hide."

I would say both Yes and No.

In last few meetings of GB, I have spoken but it was of no use. There was no discipline. There used be no respect for chair. People used to shout at each other, even coming to exchanging blows with each other. These were only group fights, trying to score over other group. No proper discussion, no proper announcement of decisions on issues, no proper recording of decision in the minutes.

I wanted to speak in last AGBM. There was an important issue of illegal EC elections. I had given a representation to Mr Chadha, asking EC to hold its emergency meeting and invite me to present my views in person on the illegality in election process. I had also asked EC to discuss its decision in AGBM. Mr Chadha did not reply to my representation, neither it was discussed by EC, nor was I invited to EC meeting. He also did not put up my representation before GB.

I could have raised this issue in AGBM but was discouraged by many factors. Only 14% of members were present. The strong presence of ladies baffled me. I was given a hint by some residents that I will not be allowed to speak, that I will be shouted down. I never believed that Mr Chadha will go to such extent to defend his illegal actions. I did not want a situation in AGBM which will further erode the good name of PARWA.

I am all for discussion but a sincere and to-the-point discussion. I am ready for any debate at any time with Mr Chadha and/or any other member(s) of this illegal PARWA EC. Let them come forward and have an open debate in Central Park.

Now coming to writing untrue things and hide - I have never written anything untrue. What I have written in available on the blog. Let anybody answer that and prove that it is untrue. And who is hiding? This member has not commented under his real name. This is my blog and everybody knows it. I am not hiding from anybody.


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