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Sunday, May 1, 2011

PARWA GB Meeting May 2011

Today PARWA had its General Body meeting. This was the last meeting of outgoing PARWA EC. The time fixed for the meeting was 10.00 AM. At 10.05 AM, four residents were present. From PARWA EC side - President, General Secretary and a Block Representative. From GB members - me. President adjourned the meeting to again start at 1030 AM. Meeting finally started after 1030 AM with seven members (out of 12) from EC and about 16 members from GB. Nine members of PARWA EC did not reach the meeting place at 10.00 AM, and 5 were altogether absent from the meeting. It is to be noted that this was the time decided by the EC itself. One notable absent EC member, Mr Vats has again filled up his nomination for another one year term. Are there any benchmarks to be met by EC members in respect of punctuality and regularity? This was first point which should have been discussed in the GB meeting.

There are 365 flats in Pragati Apartments. About 50 flats were represented in the GB meeting. What does it mean? Only about 17% members took decisions which will affect remaining 83%. In addition, these are only majority decisions. All present members did not support these decisions. Can we call the decisions taken at GB meeting representing the interest of all the members of PARWA? A big NO.

Now why all the members do not attend these GB meetings? What are the reasons that a big majority remains aloof from the working of PARWA? This was second point which should have been discussed in the GB meeting.

Now whose job is to make PARWA a body where all members attend its meetings? Is it the job of President and other officers bearers/members of PARWA EC? Is PARWA EC a representative body of PARWA GB or is it only a caretaker sort of arrangement to take care of PARWA day-to-day matters? This was third point which should have been discussed in the GB meeting.

There was no decorum in the meeting. There was cross-talk not only amongst GB memebrs but also on the dias. Quality of sound system was very bad. Nothing was heard clearly. You can see this in videos, where visuals are recorded but no audio. There was lot of noise created by fans. In one case you will see a security guard almost snatching the mike from a speaking EC member. In one case, a EC member is seen gesticulating at GB members.

At one point, President commented that people come to GB meeting to only do खिंचाई of EC. Some GB members objected to it. They said that if this was the attitude of EC then what was the use of calling GB meeting and having discussions. Then it was the turn of the Treasurer to call GB members "rats". A GB member objected to it, but other members tried to pass it on as humour. Decorum was the fourth point which should have been discussed in the GB meeting.

President made a very important observation that if he puts PARWA to a loss of Rs One Lakh, then what action can be taken against him. PARWA Bye-LAWS have not provided for any grievance redressal mechanism. GB members have complaints against EC members but there is no forum where they can file their complaints and seek redressal of their grievances. This was fifth point which should have been discussed in the GB meeting.

A point was raised about inconvenience being caused to residents having flats facing Central Park by functions being held in the park. The issue was discussed but no clear decision was taken.

Another point was raised about the quality of security being provided. Some discussion took place but no clear decision was taken.

There are many such issues. I will talk about them later. I want to see how General Secretary records the discussions and decisions. There was no clear announcement by President about the decision taken after discussion on many issues.

You can watch following by clicking on them.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Video 7 Video 8 Video 9


Anonymous said...

PARWA EC is not a representative body of PARWA GB. It is nothing but a bunch of caretakers who have joined together to work on daily basis and that too in a very useless manner. I do not find any difference between President/ Gen Secy and a PARWA Employee.

Anonymous said...

It is shameful that a fraction of GB members sit together and take decisions which affect entire GB. The EC is not able to motivate residents to attend meetings. Rather President and Gen Secy work to de-motivate residents and have created an atmosphere where no right thinking resident wants to associate with EC.

llq said...

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