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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The story of broken promises

Broken promises, वादा खिलाफी, वचन भंग करना.

Sant Tulsidas has written - रघुकुल रीति सदा चली आई, प्राण जाएँ पर वचन न जाई.

Some people will say that Sant Tulsidas has written it about Raghukul, the family of Lord Ram. Human beings, like us, can not be expected to follow such hugh standards. To some extent I will also agree with this, but people should at least try to keep their promiss. They should not break promises just like that.

Last year Mr Chadha made two promises. He had filed nomination for the post of President. I had also filed the nomination for this post. Mr Sachdeva and Mr Dhawan came to my house and told me that I should withdraw my nomination as Mr Chadha wanted to be President for one term. To justify their submission they talked very high of Mr Chadha. I did not agree. Then Mr Chadha paid a visit to me. He also said the same thing that he wanted one term as president. I did not agree to withdraw and said that let there be election as it is the correct democratic process. After some discussion he said that he did not want election and if there was election he would withdraw. I said that it was OK with me. He then promised to withdraw. He failed to keep his promise.

After date of withdrawal, there were two contestents, me and Mr Chadha. Now elction was a must. Mr Chadha had however kept insisting that there should be no election. It was beyond my understanding that why he was bent upon breaking the law. One day he told me that he wanted to become President for one term. As there was going to be election, he told me that he was under lot of stress. He even told me that he was suffering from blood pressure and might have a problem. I was shocked. It was emotional blackmail. The pressure was too much. I gave in and told him that I would come with him to all the residents and request them that I had withdrawn in favour of Mr Chadha and they may vote for him. I don't know how but he pursuaded the Election Officer and both of them said they would cancel the voting. I told them that it would be a violation of law, but they went ahead and announced the result that Mr Chadha was elected unopposed. Both of them told me that no body will raise any objection. Mr Chadha promised me that it was for one term only and in next election he would himself propose my nomination. He did not keep this promise also. He not only failed to keep his promise but he went ahead to conspire with this Eloection Officer also and got my nomination rejected.



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