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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Illegal PARWA EC is against children

Have you seen the minutes of AGBM held on May 1, 2011? The great Mr Malik had recorded the following as a decision taken in this meeting:
"5. Children should not be allowed to play in the park."

First it is a wrong recording. No such decision was taken. The issue was no doubt raised and some discussion took place, but it was inconclusive. A member even said that Delhi High Court has given a decision that children will play in the parks. How PARWA GM can decide against the decision of Delhi High Court.? I am not a legal person but will it not be treated as a Contempt of Court?

I want to ask PARWA one question. Where children will play if they are not allowed to play in the parks? Has PARWA made some alternative arrangement for this? The oldies in PARWA are much beyond the age of playing, but for children playing is very important. How can they be stopped from playng in the parks, and that too after the High Court decision?

Only 14% members attended the AGBM and only a few of them might be against children playing in parks. How can "Children should not be allowed to play in the park" be recorded as a majority decision of PARWA? This is wrong. The minutes should be amended and re-circulated. Mr Malik and Mr Chadha can not wrongly draft the decisions of PARWA.

Moreover this PARWA EC has been declared elected by Election Officer in an illegal manner. Its members have no moral, legal and ethical right to work as EC members . Both Chadha and Malik are vulnerable to a conflict of interest in dealing with election issues as they themselves were contesting the election of President and General Secretary. Misusing their position they did not display the list of those members who were eleigble and not-eleigible for contesting and voting in the election. By hiding this information, they illegally ensured their election to new EC by advising election officer to reject some nominations including that of Mr Gupta for the post of President. Election officer had informed that he did not read the Bye-Laws and was found having a meeting with both Mr Chadha and Mr Malik.

This illegal election is a blot on the fair name of PARWA. To restore PARWA's fair name this election should be cancelled and fresh election should be ordered.


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