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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bhagidari - Projects Under "My Delhi I Care"

I was reading about Bhagidari scheme of Dekhi Govt relating to West Delhi. I found a list of completed projects under "My Delhi I care". CLICK to Read.

You will notice that out of 8 projects 5 belong to Rama Park (C-Block) RWA. These are:

1. Provision of Iron Gate and sinage indicating name of colony/Association at entrance, C-Block Rama Park
2. Provision for recreation centre for Senior Citizen
3. Provision for main hole cover
4. Provision for Iron Gate adn sign ages
5. Provision for construction of entry gate at three locations and sign board

The total cost is about 5.5 lakhs.

What is the performance of PARWA EC in this respect - a certificate printed on a piece of paper?


Suresh Chandra Gupta said...

PARWA EC could not get even a single project for senior citizens under Bhagidari, yet they are boosting about getting a paper certificate. It is highly shameful.

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