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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paying subscription fee to PARWA is mandatory

A Delhi Trial Court has ruled that owners or occupents of a flat are bound to pay theembership fee to RWA of the colony to fund its various welfare activities and services. For details, click on image.

PARWA should bring this court order to the notice of those residents who have not paid the subscription.


member said...

4 Jun 11, 14:39
member: yr article dt. 26 May 2011. Now u clear up all your dues Mr. Gupta dont hide

S C Gupta said...

5 Jun 11, 09:43
S C Gupta: I pay my subscription one year in advance.

member said...

7 Jun 11, 23:09
member: 99.9% are also paying car parking carges. you dont. Why?

S C Gupta said...

8 Jun 11, 07:14
S C Gupta: It is a personal matter of those who are paying. I am told that Mr Chadha himself is not paying. There are many more who are not paying. Your figure of 99.9% is wrong. Ask EC to publish the details.
I have asked EC to give details of the services which will be provided for the money I am being asked to pay. EC has not replied. Ask EC to reply to my long pending letter.
Mr Chadha and Mr Malik have always behaved in an arrogant manner. Now they are illegally occupying the positions of President and Gen Secretary. And why are you hiding? Give your name and flat number.
Moreover this court order is about membership fee. For this also EC should clarify, how this fee is being spent on welfare activities & services.
Additional amount being asked is not a common fund. Members who are asked to give this amount have a right to know how this amount will be spent & what additional services will be provided.

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