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Friday, March 26, 2010

Elders should learn from children

Few days back large scale trimming of trees was done in the park in Group 'C' of Pragati Apartments. A child has been hurt by this intentional harm done to the trees. To express his/her hurt and to register a protest, the child has drawn a painting and pasted it on the feeder piller. Today morning I saw that painting. Child says - "Save trees" and "Please do not cut trees". Elder residents of the apartments should learn from this child. The child has not given his/her name but the hurt is visible. I took a photo and sharing it with you. HAS THE MESSAGE GONE ACROSS !!!

Few months back I pasted a notice on the same feeder piller requesting residents not to throw garbage near thec piller. But no resident took any notice of the notice. They continue throwing garbage near the piller, in the park and wherever they like. It is a free country for them. Who will know their rights more then them as they are all educated people.

ADDED ON 29.03.2010

A child asks people "not to pollute" and "save water".


Anonymous said...

Yes, elders should learn from children, how not to pollute and save natural resources.

An outsider said...

It is nice to know that children in Pragati Apartments are so conscious about the environment. Elders should be proud of them and should learn from them.


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