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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today there is a news in TOI about the decision of Delhi Govt for 33% hike in minimum wages. When I read this news, a thought struck me whether PARWA is ensuring that security guards, gardeners and sweepers employed by it are paid minimum wages as prescribed by the Government and are provided facilities as required by the law. In fact I have already been feeling uneasy after the heated arguments between vice-president and secretary on the issue of appointment of and alleged favourtism for some security guards by some PARWA office bearers. This incident happened immediately after the last meeting of Security Sub-cimmittee. The result of these arguments was that a security guard lost his job. This security guard had been with PARWA for last more than 15 years.

I am posting the news here and draw attention of PARWA EC members to immediately get it legally examined to ensure that the association is not caught violating the law of the land. It is also to be ensured that proper appointment letters are issued to PARWA employees in which all terms and conditions of their appointment are detailed. I would suggest that a personal file should be maintained for each employee.

PARWA employees are a part of PARWA Family. They should be be paid at least minimum wages and should be given all facilities as per concerned laws, such as, PF, medical facilities, leaves and overtime at double the rate.

I am sending a copy of this post to President PARWA in the form of a letter. I will keep informing the residents about the progress on this issue.


Resident said...

Present PARWA EC is not a team. There are groups in it which fight with each other. The fight is for taking maximum personal benefit. It is harming the collective interest of residents.

PARWA Member said...

A very good suggestion. PARWA should not be caught in a situation of violating the law. EC members should take immediate necessary action.

Resident of Group C flat said...

All PARWA emoloyees should be paid minimum wages and other dues. Law of the land should be followed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, PARWA employees are not being paid the minimum wages. PARWA isalready violating the law of the land.


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