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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is it ignorance or deliberate?

I have now received minutes of Security Sub-committee which met on 07 February 2010. It has surprised me because my name is not there in the list of participants. Secretary PARWA EC must explain to me as to why my name has not been mentioned in the list. IS IT IGNORANCE OR DELIBERATE?

As pointed in my post "Is PARWA EC superior to PARWA GB?" I have observed that minutes of sub-committee have been wrongly recorded. PARWA EC had also changed the decision of Security Sub-committee without recording any justification. PARWA EC decision of raising Rs. 50 to Rs 200 per month is violation of the decision of PARWA GB.

Decision of Security Sub-committee -
"For residents having more than one vehicle (four wheelers), second slot will be allotted to them in their respective groups by lottery. The residents will have to pay Rs. 50/= per month per second car and subsequent ones for one year."

This decision is wrongly recorded. The decision was that in Group 'C' second slot will be allotted without lottery as number of second vehicles are less than the space available. But the decision as recorded has made lottery in Group 'C' also a condition.

The mistake in recording the decision should be corrected.

PARWA EC should provide justification for raising amount to be paid for second vehicle from Rs. 50/= to Rs. 200/=, and how this amount will be spent on security of the second vehicle.

PARWA EC should also explain how it has decided to raise this amount to Rs. 200/= when it was the decision of PARWA GB to charge Rs. 50/= for each additional vehicle.

Another point I will like to mention here is that PARWA EC should alson explain the authority it has for charging Rs. 50/= from car owners who will park their cars outside Pragati Apartments Gate No. 1. I am afraid that PARWA EC is collecting money from its members which it is not authorized to collect.


PARWA Member said...

Recording of minutes of EC/GB meetings by PARWA Secretary needs lot of improvement. Proper justification for decisions should be recorded. Decisions should not be taken to please some favourites and on whims and fancies of President and Secretary.

Resident of Group C flat said...

It has become a routine with these old timers to record minutes the way they want irrespective of decisions taken. This should change. There should be some discipline in conducting meetings and recording minutes. Guptaji, why don't you prepare appropriate guidelines?

Anonymous said...

My experience with these old guards is that they record the decision the way they want it. What has been decided is of no importance to them. PARWA needs a change. The old guards should be given rest.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Mr.Sharma been doing an exceptional job making these apartments into a better place like PARWA where everyone lives like a family.The security is excellent and everything is just perfect.The festivals are celebrated in a proper and joyous manner.I congratulate all of you to have such a leader like Mr.Sharma.

A resident said...

I do not agree that the security is excellent and everything is just perfect. There is a huge gap between what you say and what is available. Security is far from satisfactory.


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