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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Development of parks in Pragati Apartments

Horticulture Department is developing three parks in Paragati Apartments. PARWA is playing an important role in this development project. Mitti and fertilizer has been brought and is being spread in the parks. Some saplings and flower pots have also been brought for planting in the parks. If every thing goes OK then soon the resident of Pragati Apartments will enjoy the green environment within the complex.

Parks in Delhi are a very important part of peoples' lives. We are fortunate that our apartment has 13 parks, three of them being quite spacious. Residents need not go outside the apartments for spending their mornings and evenings. This is especially important for children, ladies and senior citizens.

Once these parks are fully developed, responsibility of the residents will increase. Each resident will have to ensure that parks are properly maintained and nothing is done to harm the trees, plants, flowers, grass and boundary walls of the parks. They will have to be especially vigilant that no body throws any garbage in the parks, and children/young people do not play cricket or football which damages the grass and constitute risk for other persons and surroundings.

PARWA will be closely monitoring the progress of this development project. Suggestions of residents are welcome for coordinating with horticulture personnel.



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