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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recent decision of PARWA EC lacks logic

A resident told me that one of his relatives came to visit him and brought a package weighing 21 Kg. His car was stopped at the gate and was not allowed in by security guards under instructions from PARWA EC. A doctor was also stopped at the gate who came to attent a patient in the apartments. When I asked the guard in the morning I was told that they have been instructed to stop the residents also at the gate if they are travelling in a car not having PARWA sticker. I wanted to see these instruction but only oral instructions have been given. Now the questions arise:
a) Who in PARWA EC gave these instructions to security guards?
b) Why these instructions were not given in writing?
c) In which EC meeting these instructions were finalized and do these instructions form a part of recorded minutes?

I have number of times discussed this issue with President and Secretary but they seem to have closed minds. Every action taken by PARWA EC should have some reasons and a result of the problem solving. What are the reasons for this action and what is the problem PARWA EC is trying to solve. If I remember correctly the problem was that some cars are kept parked inside Pragati Apartments for longer periods extending to few days and weeks and some even for months. But the action taken by PARWA EC as described above is not the solution for this problem. These cars are still parked inside but other residents and their guests are being inconvenienced or even being insulted.

I have number of times proposed that any instruction given to security guards and any other employee should be in writing after being authorized by PARWA EC. I have even volunteered to give proper training to security guards and other other employees on the instructions, but as I said earlier both President and Secretary seem to have closed minds on this.

I am afraid that this illogical decision of PARWA EC might result in some untoward incident some day. President and Secretary should immediately document proper instructions, get them approved by PARWA EC, organize training of security guards on these instructions and display the instructions prominently at the gate.


Anonymous said...

Giving a thought I must say that what you say is right. PARWA needs new blood now. Sharma and Malik should take a break.

An outsider said...

Administrator of this blog is really doing a great service to residents. I hope that EC members take this feedback in positive spirit.


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