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Saturday, December 17, 2011

PARWA EC selling/renting land owned by Govt.

It is now official that PARWA has no authority to charge parking fee from residents. It is unfortunate that instead of stopping this illegal charging of parking fee, PARA EC is devising different means to continue with this illegal fund collection. It is funny that EC members and some GB members think that a GB decision can overrule the law of the land.

See what has been recorded in minutes of GB meeting held on 20.11.11:
Decision recorded at S. No. 2 - "The contribution of amount for the additional slot for the vehicles as maintenance and security charges should be continued for the welfare of the residents."
Decision recorded at S. No. 3 - "Data base for the parking slots for all the vehicles of the residents should be made available in the PARWA office."
Decision recorded at S. No. 4 - "If the vehicle for which paid slot is allotted for parking is sold, it should be surrendered to the association within 15 days for the benefit of the others."

The common land inside the apartments is not owned by PARWA. I wonder under what ownership rights PARWA can sell this land or give it on rent in the form of parking slots to residents? PARWA can not hide behind using terms such as, "maintenance and security charges". It is nothing but illegally charging parking fee. In MCD authorized parking lots also, people pay parking fee for security of their vehicle and maintenance of the parking lot including salary of personnel manning the parking lot. Here PARWA is not providing any of these services and simply charging Rs. 1500 per vehicle inside the apartments.  The land outside the apartments has also been encroached by PARWA and PARWA is charging Rs. 600 per vehicle. PARWA does not do any maintenance of parking slots. It has not employed any additional security staff. How can it say that amount paid by car owners is for maintenance and security services?

Sometimes I feel that all this is the conspiracy by those residents who do not own a car or own only one car.  They pay only monthly subscription but enjoy all benefits for which those residents are forced to pay who own two, three or four cars. To give benefit to these residents, PARWA as a body is indulging in illegal collection of funds and committing violation of the law.

I have been trying for long to reason with EC members but they refuse to see the logic of my arguments. Instead they have painted me as a negative person in the eyes of the residents. They have also issued a circular to defame me.

Now the time has come to make formal complaint to MCD and other concerned authorities.  PARWA EC will only be responsible for any consequences. 


green investments said...

This is corruption, pure and simple, and a stop must be put to it.

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shirin goel said...

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R K Chadha said...

Comments from PARWA Society Portal:

R.K. Chadha(185 )
the matter was discussed in bi-annual GBM and it was uninousmly decided tha parwa is allowed to take addl. subsrption for addl, cars.the minutes of the meeting have also been sent to all residents.then why this question again& again
at 06 Jan, 2012 23:04 PM

S C Gupta said...

Comments from PARWA Society Portal:

Suresh Chandra Gupta(315 )
Why give such foolish arguments? GB can not enchroach in power domain of MCD.
at 09 Jan, 2012 12:54 PM

Suresh Chandra Gupta(315 )
I have just now discussed this issue with a lawyer. He said that if GB has taken such a decision then all those who attended that meeting can be prosecuted.I am happy that I did not attend that meeting.
at 09 Jan, 2012 14:34 PM

Suresh Chandra Gupta(315 )
Mr R K Chadha says that why this question again & again. This question will come again & again tillit is satisfactorily answered. GB has not answered these questions. It has raised more issues.
1. Is GB not required to obey the laws of the land?


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