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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Minutes of GBM 20.11.11

I could not attend this GBM as I went to Lucknow to attend a marriage in the family. I came to know what transpired at the meeting through recorded minutes of the meeting. As before Shri Malik has recorded the minutes in a manner which raises many doubts about the accuracy of recording. As per some members who attended the meeting, some decision have not been recorded.

I want to discuss following decision:
"On the basis of complaint lodged by Sh. S. C. Gupta R/O Flat no. 315, the process of election was discussed in detail whereas Sh. Gupta did not attend the GBM.  It was informed to the house that the nomination of Sh. Gupta was rejected due to non payments of PARWA dues and GBM has agreed to. It was unanimously decided that the election conducted was in order as per the provisions of Bye-Laws. The present EC, should continue to do improvement works for the welfare of the residents."

My comments:
"the process of election was discussed in detail", but no details are recorded in the minutes.
It is not clear from the minutes whether my complaint was circulated to members present in the meeting.  If it was not circulated then how members discussed in detail about the election process in view of my objections raised in the complaint?
How it was unanimously decided that the election conducted was in order as per the provisions of Bye-Laws when no member present was informed about the violation of the Bye-Laws raised in my complaint?
Why it was informed to the house that the my nomination was rejected due to non payments of PARWA dues and GBM has agreed to, when this issue was not raised in my complaint.

It is clear that PARWA EC has again played dirty and GB members present in the meeting were wrongly informed, they were not given full information, irrelevant issues were raised, to secure a favourable decision from GB.

I have asked EC to provide me a list of members who attended this GB meeting. I intend to write to them about this and get their views as to how they took the decision as recorded in the minutes without reading my complaint and without hearing my views? What has happened is simply undemocratic. 


S. C. Gupta said...

After receiving meting notice I had sent following letter to EC which was not replied:
"Bi-annual General Body meeting of PARWA
I have received Meting Notice for bi-annual meeting of General Body of PARWA. The meeting will be held on 20.11.11 (Sunday) at 10.00 AM in Central Park. Following points are scheduled for discussion in the meeting:
a) Presentation of bi-annual report by Gen Secreatry,
b) Review of Election Process,
c) Review of Sources of Funds collected by PARWA,
d) Any other matter with the permission of Chair.

I have following comments:
a)PARWA EC should urgently issue agenda for the meeting with background notes on points b) and c) to apprise members of the current position and EC recommendations for review with justification.
b) Bi-annual report of Gen Secretary should be issued at least 10 days in advance for study by members so that fruitful discussions can take place in GB meeting.
c) Following points should be included in the agenda:
i) Un-audited accounts should be circulated to members for last six months giving details of month-wise receipts and expenditure including those of functions organized by PARWA during this period.
ii) Transparency and accountability in day-day working of PARWA EC.
iii) PARWA policy on Conservation of Natural Resources.
iv) Code of Ethics for EC members (Do's & Don'ts).
v) Clearly defining roles and responsibilities of EC Office Bearers and members.
vi) Procedure for dealing with issues raised by PARWA members through representations, letters and complaints.
vii) Any note-worthy achievements by EC during first six months and also planned for next six months.
viii) Regulating employment of PARWA Employees under existing laws.
ix) Provision of electricity during functions organized by PARWA EC and rsidents in Central Park and other common spaces.
x) Procedure for booking of parks for PARWA and private functions.

Agenda for GB meeting including above points should be circulated to PARWA members at the earliest, in any case before 10 days of the meeting."


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