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Friday, December 16, 2011

PARWA EC Members misbehaving with residents

In GB meeting held on 20.11.11, a suggestion was given that residents should cooperate with each other and EC members to avoid conflict. A welcome suggestion indeed, but an incomplete suggestion. It should also have included that EC members should cooperate with residents to avoid conflicts.  It is sad that no decision was taken on this suggestion.

Behaviour of some EC members is not good. I had a taste of it when I noticed electricity theft during Diwali Mela. I brouught it to the notice of President and secretary and requested them to stop it and instead use DG set parked outside Central Park. After some time President and a member Mr Vats came to me and started shouting. They also threatened me with dire consequences. They left saying that they will do what they like and no body can stop them. It was good that right sense prevailed and illegal connection to feeder box was disconnected and power was taken during mela from DG set.

Second time it was Mr Vats who not only misbehaved but abused and threatened me of violance in front of many members sitting in Manoranjan Kaksh (for collection of donation for Bhagwati Chowki). Mr Vats had earlier circulated a letter addressed to residents defaming me (Click to read). I had objected to it and had served a notice on Mr Vats to withdraw the letter and tender a public aploogy.  A copy of this notice was also served on other members of EC as they were a party to the circulation of letter defaming me.

I am yet to receive reply to my notice. I now intend to serve a legal notice on these people through a lawyer. It is necessary that EC members should stop misbehaving and defaming those residents who are not in their group.

I have posted this complaint on PARWA website also.

Copy of notice -

"Ref: SCG/PARWA/JV/2011                                                               Date 18 November 2011

Shri Jai Vats, Member EC
Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110063

Shri R K Chadha, President
Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi - 110063

I am a senior citizen and resident of Pragati Apartments Flat No. 315. I am also a member of Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association (PARWA – Regn. No. 28337). I have paid my PARWA subscription up to June 2012 for which a receipt has been issued by PARWA (No. E2770 dated 19.07.2011).
01. On 10.09.2011, a circular addressed to all the residents of Pragati Apartments, was issued by Shri Jai Vats, PARWA EC member, with mala fide and ulterior motives, in which altogether false, baseless and highly defamatory allegations have been made against me.   
02. It is alleged in the circular – “श्री सुरेश चंद्र गुप्ता जी फ्लेट न. 315 ने दिल्ली नगर निगम को अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से शिकायत की है कि पार्वा अनुचित तरीके से (विज्ञापन बोर्डों द्वारा भी) से पैसा इकठ्ठा कर रही है और धमकी दी है कि वह पुलिस में इस की शिकायत करेंगे. पार्वा कार्यकारिणी के सदस्यों को बार-बार धमकियाँ दी जा रही हैं क्योंकि श्री गुप्ता जी ने इस फंड में कोई भी सहायता नहीं की है और ना ही बिजली स्टेयर केस फंड में पैसे जमा करवाए हैं. जब इन से फंड में पैसे जमा करवाने की प्रार्थना की जाती है और उन्हें डिफाल्टर घोषित किया गया है. इसलिए यह अधिकारियों को धमकियां देते हैं.
03. The allegations made by Shri Vats in the circular besides being false and baseless, are most reprehensible to achieve illegal and nefarious intentions to tarnish my good name, reputation and goodwill for no rhyme or reason.  Shri Vats have used the name of “PARWA”, and other terms, such as, “पार्वा अधिकारी, पार्वा कार्यकारिणी के सदस्यों, in this circular containing such defamatory statements against me, giving an impression to residents that this circular has been issued with full knowledge and approval of PARWA EC, and has been issued as per decision taken by PARWA EC in one of its meeting.   
04. Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA  EC have thus, by words intended to be read, made or published imputations concerning me in the above said circular, intending to harm, or knowingly or having reason to believe that such imputations will harm my good name and reputation. The said imputations, directly or indirectly, in the estimation of residents, lowers my good name and reputation.
05.  Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC have thus committed the offence of defamation as defined in Section 499 of the Indian Penal Code, punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or both. I hereby call upon Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC to withdraw above said circular and tender an unconditional apology in the form of a similar circular addressed to all the residents of Pragati Apartments, within a fortnight of the receipt of this notice, failing which I will have no option but to take appropriate legal action including claim for damages to be computed. In such eventuality, Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC shall solely be liable for the cost, risk and consequences thereof.
06. Shri Vats and other office bearers and members of PARWA EC are informed accordingly.
(S C Gupta), Flat No. 315, Pragati Apartments"


S C Gupta said...

Whenever I have asked for any information or wanted to see some document or a copy of it President/Secretary have always refused. Whenever I have written a letter they have not replied. They give all sorts of silly excuses. Sometime they promise that they will sent a copy of the document to my house but they have never kept their promise. I think it is misbehaving.

S C Gupta said...

I asked for a copy of the attendance sheet of members present at n.last GB meeting. Mr Malik wanted to know the reason. Then he gave a silly excuse that so far no body has asked for it. After some discussion he promised that he will send to my house next day. He has failed to keep his promise. This is misbehaving.


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