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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DO's & DON'T's - New Telephone Directory

In new telephone directory, Do's and Dont's for PARWA members have been printed. On 27.10.2011, I posted Do's and Don'ts for EC members on Society Website, but the same were not printed in this directory. Read them:

"Code of Ethics for EC members
I propose a Code of Ethics for PARWA EC members:


a) Every EC member shall work for the welfare of the residents of Pragati Apartments.
b) Every EC member shall work with honesty, integrity, sincerity, team spirit and complete devotion to fulfil the aspirations of residents of Pragati Apartments.
c) Every EC member shll ensure that residents money is spent with care and not wasted in unproductive expenditure, such as conveyence and refreshments.
d) Every EC member shall ensure transparency in day-to-day working.
e) Every EC member shall ensure that inquiries/suggestions/complaints received from members are promptly replied and acted upon.
f) Every EC member shall ensure that every single decision is appropriately recorded and information disseminated to members.
g) Every EC member shall ensure that roles and responsibilities of each EC member are displayed in office and disseminated to members.
h) Every EC member shall display in the office the timings when he will be available in the office so that members can visit the office and meet him for any work.


a) No EC member shall indulge in any illegal, immoral and unethical activity.
b) No EC member shall take any action which is in violation of PARWA Bye-laws.
c) No EC member shall promote the interests of individual members and groups and their decisions shall not be influenced by personal vested interests of any individual or group.
d) No EC member shall use PARWA employees, security guards, malis, sweepers, for their personal work.
e) No EC member shall take illegal favours from the vendors by taking their products and srvices free of charge, such as, plumber, electrician, cable guy, internet service provider, vegetable/fruit sellers etc.
f) No EC member shall take commission in cash or kind while granting permission to advertisers and outside agencies who want to display/sell their product/services in the apartments.
g) No EC member shall take commission in cash or kind for granting contract to service providers for holding PARWA functions in the apartments.
h) No EC member will be party to theft of electricity during PARWA functions, such as, Diwali Mela.
i) No EC member shall use PARWA office for doing any work other than official work and attending EC meetings.

These are some Do's and Dont's which I could think of prsently. Any sugestions are welcome."



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