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Friday, December 16, 2011

Fire safety in PARWA Office and Manoranjan Kaksh

Every time I enter in PARWA Office and Manoranjan Kaksh, lack of fire safety measures strike me. Seating arrangement in PARWA Office is such that in case of fire it will be very difficult for people sitting there to get out in time. At a time, especially during EC meetings, more than 10 people sit there. The office has only one door and that too of small width. In case of emergency it will be very difficult for people to exit from this door. 

Same is the situation in Mnaoranjan Kaksh. During kirtan large number of ladies sit there. 

PARWA EC should discuss this issue and install proper fire safety measures. It may also consider changing seating arrangement. Advice of fire expert can be taken. 

It should also conduct fire drill to see if people sitting inside are able to come out of office in time. Some security guards should also be trained in fire fighting and first aid. 



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