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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Message for President/Gen Secretary PARWA

Mr. Ajit Sharma, a resident of Flat No. 68 has sent following e-mail to this blog about the blockge of staircase by flowerpots put by other residents, thereby creating a hazard which may result in some accident:

"Dear Mr. Chadda/Mr. Malik,
I wish to invite you to my house flat 68 and see for yourself the condition of our staircase where a 1/2flowerpots are kept on every stairs blocking the way to go up to the terrace by resident of flat 64.It not only blocks the way but is a security hazard as one can trip down and cause a n accident.further it causes regular flow of mud /dirt/water into our house.
I would request you to kindly intervene in the matter and ask the resident of flat 64 to kindly pursue his hobby of gardening on his terrace and clear the path to the terrace of any items immediately as its th right of every resident to go up the stairs unhindered.and dirtfree.Due to excessive us of water in the stairs in watering and cleaning there is a seepage in our room and damage to our wooden almirah as already been done which can be seen by you.
I look forward to your kind intervention and immediate action in this regards.
ajit sharma"

I have forwarded the mail to President PARWA for necessary action.


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