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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hope for fountain park

On 5, 2010, I wrote a post on this blog - "Even grass has been partial towards this park". CLICK to read the post. This park has always been neglected. Residents in Group 'C' collected money and built a fountain but that fountain is not put in operation. People who claim to be the guadians of the apartments raise eyebrows whenever this issue is raised. Anyway that is the dirty politics of these people.

Yesterday, July 3, 2010, some people (perhaps from Horticultue Department) were seen working in the park. They sweeped the park and levelled the ground. Then in the night it rained. The rains have revived the hope that grass may grow in this park.

Some children are seen playing football in the park. Parents of these children should properly advise the children, as it will damage whatever grass has grown.

The rain Gods have been kind. Let us hope the park become lush green.



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