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Friday, June 11, 2010

Do residents of Pragati Apartments really need a welfare association?

When I registered a flat with DDA I was told that I have to deposit Rs. 100 as share money for being a member of a welfare association which will be constituted for the residents of flats. I was allotted a flat in a cluster of flats which later came to be known as Pragati Apartments. As per DDA rule, A welfare association was contituted by name PARWA. Share money (Rs 100) taken by DDA is still lying with DDA. DDA had failed to give this money to PARWA, the rightfull owner of this money as welfare association of the residents of Pragati Apartments who have given this share money to DDA at the time registration of the flat.

Having said it as far as share money is concerned, I come back to the subject of - "Do residents of Pragati Apartments really need a welfare association?" From my first-hand experience, I can say that they do not need any welfare association. Every resident is a association in himself. Why will they need any welfare association which will be run by few residents and which will keep on telling them what to do and what not to do?

Then the question arises, who needs it? The answer is few residenrs who want to project themselves as leaders of the residents. It is a different matter that many of them lack every trait of a leader, and they fill in the blanks by manipulation.

The fact is that there is Pragati Apartments, there are its residents and there is PARWA. Year after year these few residents will rotate the PARWA EC amongst themselves. It has been happening, it has happened and it will happen.



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