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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is PARWA EC a truly representative body of residents?

After the results of PARWA EC election were announced by CEO, I had posted the following observation in a post (CLICK TO READ):
"Positions of some block representatives are still vacant. If new EC is going to nominate these representatives then I will like to put up a note of caution. Do not nominate people convenient to you and your group. Nominate people who can make a positive contribution and act as true representative of the residents of their respective blocks.
A representative of tenants has also to be nominated. Similar caution as for block representatives. Form the new directory, I find that there are 41 tenants. This is a big number. EC should organize a meeting of all these tenants and find out their choice and nominate their choice as their representative. Such a tenant can make a positive contribution and act as true representative of the tenants.

Above vacancies have been filled up by EC. It is unfortunate that President, Secretary and other members of EC have failed to change the old practice of nominating representatives without consulting the respective group of residents.

Minutes of new EC meetings held so far have not been shared with residents. Here also the old practice of convenience should change. Residents have a right to know what their representative body is doing, so that they can express their views on the decisions taken by EC. Waiting for six monthly GB meeting to express their views is undesirable. Six months period is quite a long period. If any wrong decision has been taken by EC then six months will be wasted before a correction is made.

There should be a proper work distribution between members of EC and this should be notified.

Blocks and tenants representatives should hold meetings with the residents whom they represent and prepare a list of issues residents want them to address in EC.

I am shortly writing to my block representative. I will also write to the other block representative of 'C' group.

Let us make this EC a true representative of residents of Pragati Apartments.


Admin said...

Comments from C-box:

Bhatia: Chadha, Malik, Gulati are in PARWA EC just for being there. It satisfies their ego and some personal needs.

Sharma: You are right Bhatiaji. Chadha & Party do not know how to run an association in a professional manner.

Anonymous said...

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