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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PARWA EC should take action to solve this problem

Today there is a function going on in the Community Hall. They have installed a DG set without acoustic enclosure. It is generating lot of noise. Residents in near by flats in Group C are forced to tolerate this deafening noise, as PARWA EC has not been pro-active to stop this noise and air pollution,which is causing lot of inconvenience to them. This is yet another example of PARWA EC not bothering about the problems being faced by Group C residents.

I am on second floor. I have closed my doors and windows, but still the sound is troubling me. I can imagine the trouple ground and first floor residents must be going through. The smoke comtainng harmful gases is coming into the flats.

Using DG sets without acoustic enclosure is also a violation of Noise Pollution Law. PARWA EC should take up this issue with concerned Govt. departments managing this comminity hall.

Photos added on 05.08.2010



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