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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean Pragati Apartments Drive on Independence Day

Next Sunday is India's Independence Day. Like every year, PARWA will celebrate it this year also. I think this year this day should be celebrated in a different manner.

Flag hoisting should be done by the senior most citizen in Pragati Apartments. After Flag hoisting, he/she should be requested to share with the children, young residents and others their personal experiences of that 15th August when India became free. This first hand account will give right information to the young generation.

After that, to sensitise and educate residents about keeping the environment clean and healthy, a cleanliness drive should be launched. Selected children and young residents can speak on the importance of cleanliness, protection of environment, saving water and electricity etc. A cleanliness procession should be taken in all parts of the apartments with banners carried by children and young residents.

Let the children teach the elders.



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