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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free training & consultancy has hurt someone

I have never thought that somebody will be hurt by my offer of training & consultancy on management systems. But it has happened. Few days after I pasted my offer notice on PARWA Notice Boards, it was either torn or some other notice was pasted on it.

While I was wondering that who could have done it, I was informed that it was Mr Jai Vats, a resident of Pragati Apartments and a member of PARWA EC. Same evening it was informed by another resident also. This time I was also given a message from Mr Vats that he will not allow any such training programme in Pragati Apartments.

After hearing this, the first thought came to my mind was of Taliban, who are famous for issuing such Fatwas. I never knew that Pragati Apartments has its own Taliban and its current Fatwa is that no training programmes will be allowed in the apartments.

Till date, no body has contacted me for attending the training. I have spent more than 30 years on designing, documenting, implementing, auditing, improving and certifying these management in 200 plus companies. I wanted to share this knowledge and experience with students, employees, businesswomen residing in the apartments. These programmes will be of immense benefit to participants.

But then Taliban has raised its ugly head (sic).

For reading the notice go to my previous post. 


Anonymous said...

Hi: I have been offered a flat in Pragati Apartment by someone who got his flat under SFS from DDA in Jan 2011. He is NRI & some how managed to get the flat. He says he applied for it in 1987 before becoming NRI. The flat is nicely renovated & readdy to move in. My question is can he sell this flat & Can I officially buy it for my relative who is in Delhi? I am not familiar with DDA Delhi schemes. Please send me your response to bankd@yahoo.com Thank you.

Unknown said...

good post…


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