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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Though illegal, PARWA EC should do its duty

Sometime back I wrote a post about massive power tariff hike. CLICK to read it if you have not read it so far.

Has Chadha Malik & Co. filed objections/comments on the proposals of DISCOMS asking for massive hike in power tariff not only for 2011-2012 but also for recovery of dues from consumers for 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 after increasing the tariff for these two previous years? I am sure they have not done so. The massive power hike is going to hit hard. They have failed to do their duty.

Now DERC has given them another chance. The last date for submitting objection/comments has been extended up to 01.07.2011. Now they should immediately file objections/comments and attend the hearings as per programme (see the image) to present views of the residents of Pragati Apartments.

I know that the new EC has been elected illegally but they are occupying the PARWA Office and so have a duty towards the residents of Pragati Apartments.


S. C. Gupta said...

Has PARWA EC called a meeting and discussed this issue, or this illegal EC members are only busy in their favourite passtime of praising themselves, drinking tea and eating biscuits/samosas out of residents' money?


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