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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bhagidari - RTI about PARWA EC performance

CLICK to read my earlier post on the performance of PARWA EC in Bhagidari initiative. PARWA EC could not get even a single project under this scheme. What they got is a piece of paper which they falsely claim is a certificate that PARWA is the best RWA in West Delhi.

As illegally forced in PARWA EC, Mr Chadha and Mr Malik have refused to give any information about their performance in Bhagidari, I intend to file an application with Delhi Govt under RTI Act. The quaestion are as follows:

"Smt Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi has awarded a Certificate of Recognition to Pragati Apartments Residents Welfare Association (PARWA), Paschim Vihar for appreciable contribution to Bhagidari initiative in 2010. Relating to this, please provide following information under RTI Act, 2005:

a) Give details of all the awards given to RWAs under Bhagidari initiative.

b) Is cash also given to RWAs along with some awards? Give details of such awards and amount of cash award.

c) Provide a list of RWAs who have been given awards in 2010 along with details of contribution made by these RWAs to Bhagidari initiative including by PARWA.

d) What are the criteria for selection of RWAs for giving awards? Give full details.

e) What is the procedure followed for selecting RWAs for these awards? Give full details.

f) Is there a committee which selects the RWAs for giving awards? Give details of such committee and its members.

g) Do the members of above committee visit the colony of RWAs and what aspects of RWAs functioning are checked/verified?

h) On what dates the committee visited Pragati Apartments and what were its findings. Give all details.

i) Who represented PARWA during the visits of committee members to Pragati Apartments and during other interactions?

j) Can a RWA after getting the Certificate of Recognition claim that it the best RWA in the area?

k) Is it checked and verified that RWA follows the laws of the land, such as, paying minimum wages and overtime at prescribed rates to its employees? Was it checked in case of PARWA?"


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